Robot Wars S07E04 Part 2: Anti-Gravity

So, after Gravity added their own personal touch to Robot Wars the 7th Wars by attempting to destroy half the arena, we’re now back up and running. Gravity are through, along with Thor, Lightning and 13 Black. But of course, it’s that time again in an episode where we have a special event. This time around it’s another qualifying round for the 3rd World Championships. And this time we’re going all American, with Spartacus and Flippa as the robots going head to head. Who will prevail? Well, it’s time to find out.

First up let’s check out our friends Spartacus. Technically Spartacus II if you believe the little info panel they bring up before a fight, but whatever. A pincer robot, it had a little touch of flair to it in the shape of an old Roman battle helmet. Or at least it was designed to look like one. The question is about the power of the pincer, and whether it could do any great damage.

Flippa, on the other hand, well its name kind of gives the game away. A box bot of exceptionally box like proportions, Flippa had a single off-centre lifting arm to try and tip their opponents over. It also had several protruding parts attached to the side of the robot, a rather ingenious way of helping stop it get stuck on its side incase it got flipped over too. Not that it’s going to be a problem against a pincer like Spartacus. Oh, and there’s also supposedly a rotating drum on the robot too.

So, your house robots today come in the form of two old boys, Sir Killalot and Shunt. And we’re ready to begin the battle of America!

Or we would be, if Flippa actually worked.

Now Spartacus isn’t a fast robot. I’m pretty sure I could outrun Spartacus and I’m incredibly unfit. But Spartacus is still faster than Flippa, purely because Flippa isn’t actually moving at all. The drum is spinning, but that’s it. Eventually, even that stops. Spartacus uses this to its advantage, and naturally grabs hold of the stricken robot and starts driving it around the arena. No great damage, but plenty of control.

It’s all very slow work, but eventually Spartacus backs into the pit release mechanism. Fortunately for everyone watching, the pit is close by to its button, so Spartacus only has a short distance to travel, before dumping Flippa down the pit.


As always, Jonathan Pearce’s sarcastic remarks about the battle are on point.

Right, so after that riveting battle, it’s time to go back to the main event. First up in the heat semi-finals is the flipper that broke the arena vs. the dual discs of doom. Gravity vs. 13 Black, basically. Now Gravity pretty much dominated their heat, whilst 13 Black were almost embarrassed in theirs, so this isn’t going to be an easy battle for the seed by any stretch of the imagination. If we add into it the fact that, just prior to the fight, 13 Black was sitting on a bench in several pieces, then I’d have to say it’s looking good for the Dutch boys.

Your house robots are Growler and Sir Killalot, and we’re ready to get underway!
Now, we already know that Gravity are a good robot. I mean, they showed that in their opening melee. But it took them all of 5 seconds to start, get underneath 13 Black, and flip them over so that they were running with their discs for wheels. Now that is impressive.

Laws of Locomotion.png
13 Black- Defying the laws of locomotion

13 Black are now in trouble, because their self righting mechanism isn’t working (What a surprise), and so they’re pretty much a sitting duck. Gravity, despite the potential of taking the easy route and just tossing them out of the arena, instead play tactical and push 13 Black into a CPZ, where they become Sir Killalot’s plaything. Literally, Sir Killalot takes 13 Black and hoists them into the sky, does a few little twirls, and then lets them go. Still upside down I might add.


Gravity then come in for another attack, but all they do is push 13 Black back to Sir K, who this time takes them with the lance and does self right them. I mean fine, it’s not going to help them in the end, is it? Gravity comes back, gets underneath (Though not that far underneath) and flips again. This one doesn’t seem to be too big of a flip, but because of the gyroscopic forces of 13 Black’s discs, they actually manage to carry themselves across the arena and OVER the side wall. You guessed it, 13 Black are OUT OF THE ARENA!


The seeds are out. I did say Gravity looked impressive, and what a robot! They go on into the heat final where they will face one of Thor or Lightning. Which one? Well, find out in the next instalment. Until then…


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