Robot Wars S07E02 Part 3: A Grim End

Right then. We have one, in the form of The Grim Reaper. But who will be the other? One of Big Nipper or Jackson Wallop is going to be going through to the Heat B final.
Now this is an interesting matchup. I don’t know who at Mentorn decided it was a good idea to put Jackson Wallop up against Big Nipper, but unless they really wanted Big Nipper to win, they accidentally gave Jackson Wallop the battle from hell. The thing is, Big Nipper is a very low robot (19cm high to be precise, if you believe Jonathan Pearce)… Jackson Wallop has a spinner that is so far off the ground (33cm, again coming from the mouth of Jonathan Pearce) that it has no hope at all of actually being able to hit Big Nipper. Jackson Wallop is now basically a pushbot. Why they couldn’t have put Big Nipper up against Gyrobot, then things would have been far more even. But oh well, this is what we’re stuck with.

Your house robots are Shunt and Dead Metal. Ah the wonderful, original duo.
And so we begin. Credit to Jackson Wallop, they go head first into Big Nipper, so not lacking on the aggression. Only problem is that’s probably the last thing you want to do whilst Big Nipper is around, because now they have JW in their claws. Jackson Wallop does escape this time, but then decides it’s a good idea to show the world the gyroscopic effects of having a large, fast and rather useless spinning disc attached to the top of your robot by driving into the arena side wall, bouncing off and then driving into the Refbot… And then the other arena side wall. Now we all know JW isn’t going to destroy Big Nipper with its disc, so instead they go other and eviscerate the pit release button, as if to prove a point about how destructive it can really be.

Collateral Damage.png
Collateral damage

This makes no change to the fact Jackson Wallop is doomed, something illustrated when Big Nipper pick them up and drive them into the angle grinder. Big Nipper then parade them around for a bit, mainly because one of the claws is now stuck in Jackson Wallop’s wheel. Sure enough, eventually they actually rip the entire tyre off. So now not only does Jackson Wallop not have a useful disc, it has no viable locomotion. Might as well just go home now. Shunt then decides now is the time to move in for the kill, and does a total of zero damage. Nice.


Cue Dead Metal, who actually uses the saw to effect and puts holes in Jackson Wallop’s disc. This goes on for some time, and Infact all that the battle has really devolved into is a contest of who can pass Jackson Wallop around and do the most damage. It goes to Dead Metal, then Shunt, then even back to Big Nipper at one point. Long story short (Because the rest of the battle is really just more of the same), Jackson Wallop ends up down the pit. Hand up if that didn’t surprise you at all?

So, the final is pretty much a rematch between two of Heat B’s 1st melee competitors, The Grim Reaper and Big Nipper. No spinners in this heat final, despite it being guaranteed there would be two of them in the semis. How unfortunate…

Your House Robots for this heat final are Sgt Bash and Cassius Chrome. Fuck Cassius Chrome.
The fight starts with The Grim Reaper slightly on the front foot, but Big Nipper are slippery customers, ducking and weaving away from every attack. TGR can’t get in anywhere near how they would like in order to get a flip in. Infact, eventually it is Big Nipper that launches the first proper assault, getting their claws under TGR and pushing them into the CPZ. Neither of these robots it has to be said are blessed with weapons of mass destruction, despite Big Nipper taking off one of Jackson Wallop’s tyres last time around. After re-capturing The Grim Reaper, Big Nipper then lift them up and pretty much carry them around the arena for a bit.

Taxi service

To get away from Big Nipper, The Grim Reaper actually fire the flipper, sending them off balance and back onto the arena floor. Having regained their balance, they then proceed to flip Big Nipper straight over. Big Nipper are now themselves trapped in the CPZ, so along comes Cassius Chrome. Cassius Chrome then proceeds to do a grand total of absolutely nothing and just watches as The Grim Reaper flips Big Nipper again… And then again. TGR now definitely have the upper hand, but Big Nipper are not out of this yet.

The onslaught continues, but The Grim Reaper can’t get Big Nipper out of the arena. Sure, they can get them up against the arena side wall, but Big Nipper always manage to escape.  And now, with Big Nipper fully free, they can retake the advantage. They get underneath TGR and start driving them across the arena, lifting them up by their front end. By the time Big Nipper drives them into the CPZ, TGR are fully up on their rear end, and cornered.

Cornered 2.png

The Grim Reaper use the tried and tested method of firing the flipper to escape, but then find themselves captured by Sgt Bash. Bash may be an old robot, but it can still clamp down fairly effectively for a few seconds at least. They escape, but Big Nipper are there again, and just push them back. The countdown clock begins, signalling the battle is coming to an end. Big Nipper makes one final attack, pushing The Grim Reaper into the arena side wall and lifting them up. But that’s the last act of this heat final. Now the judges have a decision to make.

Now this was a fairly even fight. Big Nipper take it for the beginning and the end phases of the fight, but The Grim Reaper dominated the mid section. It’s a difficult decision to make, but one robot is going through to the series semi-final. And that robot is…


You can't outrun the reaper.png
You can’t outrun the Reaper

And so there we have it. The Grim Reaper joins M2 in the 7th wars of the series semi final. Kind of a legion of flippers so far. Can anyone with a different design ass themselves to the mix. Well Heat C is just around the corner, so until then…


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