Robot Wars S07E01 Part 3: A New Victor

Pussycat are gone. The 9th seeds, out of the competition at just the heat semi-final stage. A shock, sure, but someone has to take over their place. We now know M2 have a shot at becoming that robot, but it could also be either of Roobarb or Tiberius 3. We shall soon find out…

There’s a striking difference between Roobarb and Tiberius down in the pits. Roobarb is looking quite beat up cosmetically, whilst Tiberius looks almost as good as new. Of course, Tiberius did a grand total of fuck all in their opening melee, so that kind of stands up to scrutiny.
Now, this semi-final is going to go one of two ways (Naturally)- Either Roobarb is going to flip Tiberius over, then exploit their slow self-righting mechanism and try to cause as much damage as possible/throw them out of the arena. Or Tiberius is going to catch Roobarb and start putting holes in it. Somehow, I don’t think this one is going to a judges’ decision.

Your house robots are the invincible Sir Killalot and the scrapyard space hedgehog of doom, Dead Metal. So, let’s begin.
The robots clashed almost instantly, with Roobarb executing an unsuccessful attempt to flip Tiberius. It was a signal of intent though. However, Tiberius were not at all put off by that, and came straight back, almost managing to grasp hold of Roobarb as they clashed, but the flipper just about managed to escape, but only for a split moment, because Tiberius were not letting them go anywhere; As Roobarb spun around, trying to escape, Tiberius caught hold of them on the other side of the robot. And then the piercing claw sank down into its prey, very slowly doing exactly what it was supposed to do…

Caught 2.png

Roobarb are trying to drive away, but they’re trapped. They can’t move. Tiberius on the other hand have Roobarb exactly where they want them, and are now in full control. The claw sinks in deeper, most likely piercing something that shouldn’t be pierced. But when Tiberius try to retract the claw, it’s still wedged tightly into Roobarb, which has the effect that Roobarb is lifted clean off the floor and hoisted high. Tiberius are fulfilling their Razer-lite status rather well it would seem.

Flight of the Roobarb.png
Parading Roobarb

Amongst all of this going on, Jonathan Pearce makes a joke about Tiberius ‘not dumping Roobarb into a bowl of custard’, as only Jonathan Pearce can. The fact he was still there is one of the highlights of the 7th wars. Infact, it’s one of the highlights of Robot Wars in general.

Meanwhile, Tiberius still can’t actually put Roobarb down yet. Roobarb is very dead, by the way. Obviously Tiberius broke something valuable, because the wheels aren’t spinning and Roobarb is very much out of it.
If you looked at the header picture for this, that shouldn’t be a surprise, because it’s literally a picture of Tiberius and M2 in the heat final. It’s also a picture I took from the internet because screengrabbing one from the 240p YouTube video like I did in parts 1 and 2 felt a bit cheap. There is some good news, because I’ve realised that after Heat H (The 8th heat), I get to switch over to a different YouTube channel, where the videos are actually in 480p. There’s a while to go until that point though, so you’re going to have to wait a while for *decent* quality screengrabs. Sigh.

I am of course stalling, because nothing is happening in this fight. Roobarb are dead and Tiberius can’t let go. On the other hand, the cameras did find this in the audience:

You tried.png
You tried

I’m definitely making that the new header picture for this blog’s Facebook page.

Eventually, however- and with Killalot’s help- Tiberius manage to break free! They then proceed to push Roobarb all the way across the arena floor and towards the pit, pausing briefly so that they could activate the pit release mechanism. They then proceeded to push Roobarb into the pit, and thus ending Roobarb’s participation in the 7th Wars and sending Tiberius into the heat final!

So, now we have our final 2. A final 2, it should be said, that shared the same initial melee. They never really clashed in that melee, so it’s certainly going to be interesting to see how they get on in the heat final. One of them has to win, after all.

In the arena for the final time this heat we once again see Sir Killalot, and there’s a first appearance for Growler, Mr Psycho’s pet who Killalot seems to have borrowed for this fight. But with that set, and the teams ready, let’s begin!
It’s very clear at the start that M2 were attempting to avoid Tiberius, running away almost from the beak and trying to get around the side. When they did get round the side, however, they missed their flip, leaving them exposed to Tiberius 3. But M2, at 20mph, is more than fast enough to make an escape, and at the beginning of the fight looked well on top. But sometimes, even 20mph isn’t enough to escape Tiberius. Just ask Roobarb. And indeed, just like the fight before, Tiberius manage to latch onto their opponents and then bring the piercing claw down, and it goes through M2 oh so easily.

Pierced like a knife through butter.png
Pierced like a knife through butter

Tiberius are now well on top. They have M2 where they want them, just like they did with Roobarb. The only difference this time is M2 are still moving, very much so. So whilst Tiberius are trying to manoeuvre M2 around the arena, the other robot is fighting back. The accumulation of this is the combined mass rotating in wild, wide circles, that results in them crashing into the pit release button. Tiberius though can’t get M2 down the pit. They just can’t, M2’s 10mph advantage over them is proving too difficult to overcome, even with the iron grip they have. In the end, they migrate into a CPZ- but not before murdering the pit release button- leading to Growler joining the fun. It’s the first we’ve seen this series of the crushing and clamping jaw that belongs to Growler, but he does eventually clamp onto M2, and engage in a tug-of-war with Tiberius. Growler actually loses.


With Growler giving up, he palms off the responsibility to Sir Killalot. Killalot comes in, rams both robots into the arena side wall, and completely turns the battle on its head. You see, in doing that, Tiberius has lost its grip on M2. M2 are free. Now the fun can really begin. Tiberius try to come back at them, to grab them again. But M2 have other ideas, and flip Tiberius over. Now it’s the crusher bot that’s in trouble. M2 follow up, looking to get Tiberius out of the arena, but it doesn’t quite work. They go again, but this flip actually lands Tiberius back on its wheels.

Tiberius, however, barely have the time to start running away before M2 get them back over, this time flipping them perilously close to the pit. But Tiberius are now stranded, so… You know what’s coming. M2 launch one final attack, and Tiberius 3 go sailing down into the pit, and out of the competition. What a turnaround by M2, from seemingly out of it to coming back and flipping their competitors down the pit instead. I don’t think Killalot was on the Tiberius team’s Christmas list that year, let’s put it that way.

And so there we are, the end of Heat A of the 7th wars, and now we have our first robot through to the series semi-final! But who will be joining M2? Heat B is right around the corner, so it’ll soon be time to find out…

Until then.



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