What Next???

This is a question I’ve asked on this blog before, hence the 3 question marks in the title to differentiate it from the other one.

So the 8th wars has been done and dusted for a while now- in fact, filming for the 9th wars and their associated celebrity specials are due to begin later thsi month. The celebrity specials may be airing over Christmas, and god knows when the actual 9th wars will air, but that still means there is a gap in time to fill on this blog. So what am I going to do to fill the void?

I’m going back in time, that’s what.

And by back in time, I’m going backwards through the old series of Robot Wars. I started at 8, so the next stop on this tour is the 7th wars, which I actually enjoyed for the most part despite the clusterfuck that was Channel 5. You’ll just have to watch out when I get to the grand final, because… Well, you probably already know why.

How long will it take me to get through the 7th wars? No idea. Probably a while. Will it get interrupted by the Christmas specials and possibly also the 9th wars? Yeah, it will. But I’m doing it anyway.

Header picture completely unrelated. I just loved the sparks.


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