Robot Review: Chompalot (S08E05)

This is where things start to get nice and interesting. I mean we all know what happened to Chompalot right? If you don’t, then you probably shouldn’t be here because I’m going to tell you anyway. 

They caught fire.

I’m not taking about the kind of smouldering we got out of Thermidor 2, but a full on inferno caused by their LiPo batteries committing suicide. It was a spectacular blaze and a fitting way for a robot that looks like a dragon to go out of Robot Wars. I would have been more impressed if the robot had breathed fire instead of it coming out of the floor, but we can’t be too picky, can we? 

To be perfectly honest, the fact Chompalot even managed to contest its first H2H after getting completely smashed in the original heat is a testament to the sheer power of the Robot Wars community. It’s a shame it couldn’t last the entire H2Hs, but it was fun all the same.

Anyway, Chompalot’s initial heat saw them come up against two spinners in the form of Ironside 3 and Pulsar, along with the flipper of Thermidor 2. A nice variety there, that’s for certain. Lots of robots that can do damage too…
Chompalot started off very quickly, chasing Ironside 3 around for a bit before the robot managed to evade. Now Chompalot were faced with a problem of their own, namely Thermidor 2, chasing them. So they did the only thing they could and drove straight into Shunt, got axed, then got shoved back into the arena, minus a few small body panels. It should be noted that in this time, Thermidor 2 did absolutely fuck all to contribute.

It seems Chompalot was very much looking to get revenge on Thermidor for what they had done, and managed to clasp hold of them a short time later, before quite literally driving them up the wall and into the clutches of Shunt. Almost a perfect reverse to what happened at the very start of the fight.

Peace offering.png
I give you my peace offering

As nice as it would have been to have a basically dead Thermidor all to themselves, Ironside then joins the party and practically shoves Chompalot out of the way. Chompalot respond by driving around a bit, driving into Shunt (Again), driving into Ironside 3 and then back into Shunt, a set of manoeuvres that cost them about 7 different body panels. Seriously, Chompalot seems to be made up exclusively of disposable body plates.
Ironside seem to be on a mission to help Chompalot lose even more weight from the already light start weight of 99kg, so Chompalot naturally run away… Straight into Pulsar.

Crumple Zones.png
Crumple Zones

After Ironside open the pit, Chompalot then do their best impression of Big Nipper and almost reverse straight into it- not that it would have made a bit of difference, given that Thermidor and Pulsar are practically already gone at this point- but manage to escape.
And that’s the end of the fight. Chompalot are through, no doubt about that, but they probably took the most damage of all the robots in the arena, and that is impressive in itself.

So, the Head to Heads. The fact Chompalot are even there is a miracle in itself, but they are there and up against the sword swinging menace that is Gabriel.
Instantly Gabriel came out of the blocks firing (I mean granted it wasn’t quite literal firing, unlike Brutus, but the analogy works OK), landing a blow right on top of Chompalot. Miraculously, none of the armour panels came off. The back one half came off, but considering it’s still attached we’ll allow it. Chompalot then get a little bit of revenge, managing to grab hold of Gabriel’s mid section. It is rather brief revenge, because Gabriel actually uses the fact they’re attached to push Chompalot into Dead Metal, who throws up a few sparks from Chompalot… And throws them on their side.

Chompalot are now stranded on their side, and also in Dead Metal’s CPZ. Dead Metal seems to have decided to turn into Typhoon 2 and become a full body spinner, and an effective on at that. Let’s just say more than a few body panels came out of Chompalot once DM was done. Gabriel then come in with a couple of hits of their own, with succeed in pulling more pieces off, but also free Chompalot. Woohoo!

Chompalot are now exclusively running around in circles, and Gabriel are pretty much giving them the most savage beat down in the entire 8th wars. Hit after hit after hit. It’s amazing Chompalot have managed to survive this far into the battle. In the end, it wasn’t even Gabriel that finished Chompalot off. It was the floor flipper. Chompalot drove over the floor flipper and got tossed to the other end of the arena, where they promptly started venting a very large volume of smoke. A very, very large volume. Shunt attacking them probably didn’t help matters either.

Gabriel gets bored and goes after Space Hedgehog. Meanwhile, RIP Chompalot.

Chompalot are now dead, there’s no doubt about it. You would think that would be the end of it but no, as they were being talked through their demise the robot stopped exclusively venting smoke and just straight up caught fire instead. There was some irony to the fact that, just second before the robot caught fire, the Chompalot team claimed they would be able to patch the robot back together. It’s almost kind of sad. Sad and ironic. Quite funny too though if you think about it.

So how did Chompalot do? Do I actually need to answer that question? Their run was dramatic to say the least, and possibly the most adrenaline fuelled, carnage filled two fight show in the entire series. I think that was mainly because there were so many body panels flying off everywhere. I like Chompalot as a team, and I love the unique design of their robot. Hopefully next time they’ll get a little further before catching fire.

Robot Rating (Chompalot): 5/10+1 for fire = 6/10


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