Robot Review: Thermidor 2 (S08E05)

I’m getting there! We now roll ourselves into week 5 and the final 8 robots to adorn this wonderful review section. I mean there is also the week 6 grand final, but that is going into its own section all by itself (And all going in one, rather short post, because I don’t want to have the same robot on my list twice).

The first robot from week 5 to be looked at is Thermidor 2, a real veteran of the competition. Despite being a veteran, the giant red lobster has a very chequered record in Robot Wars, going out in the heats in the 3rd, 5th and 6th wars (The first round in 5th and 6th too), but reaching the series semi-finals in the 4th and 7th wars. The fact they are the first robot being reviewed from week 5 should tell you that they didn’t particularly do well this time round either. 

Thermidor found itself up against Ironside 3, Chompalot and Pulsar. So that’s a bar spinner, a drum spinner and a robotic fucking dragon. I mean the heat certainly had variety going for it, that’s for sure.
Thermidor at least started with the aim to get involved in the battle, chasing Chompalot into the vicinity of resident bulldozer Shunt. They then tried to flip Chompalot, and failed miserably. That was it, basically, because the next thing to happen was Ironside 3 came in and shredded one of their wheels, reducing the lobster to a rotating mess on the arena floor. Chompalot then got involved again, grasping hold of Thermidor (To Thermidor’s credit, they did at least attempt to flip Chompalot. They failed, again, but it’s the effort that counts) and running them across the arena floor… And up the arena wall.

Robot Parkour.png
Robot Parkour

This led Thermidor into the path of Shunt, who took no mercy and landed a couple of blows to Thermidor’s exterior, one of which took out the already damaged wheel. So if Thermidor wasn’t already dead, they most certainly were now. Chompalot did the honour of dragging them into the middle of the arena to chill whilst everyone else went at it. The flipper actually still worked, but the wheels most certainly did not, which may or may not be the reason they then started venting smoke everywhere. Steamed lobster anyone?

So how did Thermidor do? I don’t really know why I’m asking that question, because they did absolutely nothing. There were a couple of attempted flips that amounted to sod all, and that was as far as it went. They were at least somewhat aggressive (very) early on, but then they just kind of died. Not really the best way to try and progress.

Robot Rating (Thermidor 2): 1.5/10


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