Robot Review: Kan-Opener (S08E04)

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? There are a couple of reasons for that. First off, I had already written this, then managed to accidentally delete it when I wanted to publish it a few days ago. You know when you’ve written something, then had to write it again for whatever and you really don’t want to? Yeah. Also my term at Uni has started, so I’m now rather busy. If anything, this should just prepare you for now irregular uploads. It happens. Anyway, having now actually decided to rewrite this, let’s get down to the action.

So, Kan-Opener. Another former competitor, Kan-Opener had never actually gone further than the first round in any of its main competition appearances, but has won two annihilator titles, in both Extreme 2 and the 7th wars, making it the only competitor in the Robot Wars era to defend an annihilator title. Still, this isn’t an annihilator, so history isn’t on Kan-Opener’s side.
Joining Kan-Opener in the arena for this year’s first round melee was spinner PP3D, flipper Apollo and, er, boxbot Sweeney Todd. So some formidable opponents for Kan-Opener to face off against… And Sweeney Todd.

Kan-Opener it seems decided to put its annihilator tactics to the test in this fight, activating the pit release within 3 seconds of the battle starting. I’m not sure they could really wait for people to drive each other down the pit this time though.
And Kan-Opener seemed to sense that, going after the rather deadly PP3D. I’m not entirely sure why, because Sweeney Todd seemed built for them. Either way, they attacked PP3D, bounced off the spinner and drove up the flipper (Which was busy taking out Apollo). But they survived. At least, they did until Apollo recovered, pinned them up against the wall and tossed them about 6ft into the air.

Kan-Opener weren’t going to give up though. After PP3D attacked them again, they decided enough was enough, and managed to grab hold of their adversary and push them around the arena a bit. I say that, but PP3D had a wheel on the ground themselves, and were as much pushing Kan-Opener as Kan-Opener were pushing them. They then ended up on the floor flipper, which may not have detached them from each other, but it did flip them over.

Claws of Life.png
Claws of Life

If the floor flipper wasn’t enough, Apollo then turned them back over to their original orientation. So that was worth it.

Next came a bit of flipper break dancing. First PP3D took a ride on the flipper, then Kan-Opener decided to join them. I’m not entirely sure what it achieved for either robot. Kan-Opener then went back at arch nemesis PP3D, grabbing them and pinning them against the wall. Unfortunately this left them open to Apollo, who flipped them across the arena, where they landed hard enough to blow the link out of its socket.

Game over.

So, how did Kan-Opener do? Well, they carried on their tradition of going out in the first round of every main Robot Wars competition they’ve entered, so I suppose you can’t blame them for being consistent. They stood up to PP3D’s disc fairly well, considering they insisted on trying to go for the 3D spin machine, though when they actually got hold of them they didn’t exactly do much except cart them round a bit. And the fact they were knocked out because Apollo’s flip managed to knock the link out is just a bit underwhelming.

But hey, at least they weren’t Sweeney Todd.

Robot Rating (Kan-Opener): 4/10


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