Robot Review: Sabertooth (S08E04)

I just want to start by saying that yesterday was my most successful day I’ve ever had on this blog. I had 40 visitors constituting 66 views, which is quite honestly mental. I’ll overlook that fact that only 1 person (And I know who that is anyway) actually looked at the article I published on that day. But seriously, where did you all come from? If any of you are still here, please tell me lol.

Anyway, onto the main topic of today’s article, which I actually wrote yesterday. Details.

Sabretooth was by far one of the nicest looking robots entering this series of Robot Wars. I’d go as far as saying it was probably the most beautiful robot on show, not that looks will actually get you anywhere in Robot Wars. Still, Sabretooth didn’t just have looks on its side, it also had a variety of weapons. They included a 4500rpm spinning drum, a scoop-like flipper and a grabber, which also served as a self-righting mechanism. A formidable combination that seems to cover all bases, Sabretooth were not to be taken lightly.

In their initial heat, Sabretooth came up against Eruption, Storm 2 and Terror Turtle. Not the easiest of heats, but also one perfectly winnable. Except, going into the fight, Sabretooth had a problem…

The self-righting arm wasn’t working. That’s more than just a small issue, especially when you consider they were up against former UK Heavyweight Champions Eruption, who own a kick-ass flipper.

As the battle started, Sabretooth went straight for Eruption, attacking drum first, hoping to inflict some damage. It was a bold strategy, given the fact they were no longer able to self-right. Whilst their first attack didn’t so a whole lot of damage, they escaped without Eruption being able to attack them back. That was how it went in the opening exchanges, with Sabretooth almost nibbling away at Eruption, then escaping before their opponent could do anything to them. Of course, these things can’t last forever, and Eruption did finally get a flip in, but with Sabretooth landing back on their wheels, it made little difference.

Sabretooth now went on a retaliatory path, managing to actually attack the back side of Eruption for the first time now too. They were still certainly favouring the drum spinner, with the flipper cross scoop not having featured at all in the fight.
Unfortunately, it was almost inevitable that Sabretooth’s lack of ability to self-right would come back to haunt them in the fight, which happened when Eruption got underneath the side of them, tossing them into the air and upside down. And that was game over, there’s no way back from that.

Eruption are not Bombshell, and they’re not going to right Sabretooth just for the hell of it.

Airborne for the last time.png
Airborne for the last time

So how did Sabretooth do? Well they looked good, they sounded competitive on paper, they gave it a go. But breaking their self-righting arm in a fight against Eruption- and then actually going after them to fight- was basically robot suicide. Honestly, after finding out that information, I would have been more surprised if they had actually gone through.

Still the best looking robot out there though.

Robot Rating (Sabretooth): 3/10

Also can we appreciate the fact that Tumblr had a mini fit whilst I was trying to take the above screengrab, hence why it’s an oddly small size and has a strange black border. I promise things get back to normal in the other reviews.


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