Robot Review: TR2 (S08E03)

You’ll notice last night’s Robot Review came out at about 11pm, which was more to do with the fact my new internet at Uni is already fighting with my laptop, and only seems to work for about 3 hours of the day. Considering I’m going to be here until Christmas, you may find articles start coming out at really erratic times. I will literally upload one at 3am if I have to. Equally, I’m thinking of doing these on my phone in the future- I would rather not, but the internet has not yet failed on there, so I might have to. We’ll see.

So, TR2. A robot I have admired greatly on the live circuit, TR2 is technically a ‘newcomer’ to Robot Wars, but their success in the 2015 FRA UK Championship means that they entered the competition as de facto reigning heavyweight champions. No pressure then. A powerful flipper, TR2 was placed with Supernova, Orte and Big Nipper in their opening heat, one which would be tough to overcome in any event. Just to add to the problems, TR2’s flipper wasn’t actually working. Ah.

When the fight started, TR2 sat back, willing to let everyone else tear themselves apart first. It kind of worked, because the combination of Supernova and Big Nipper managed to take down Orte, and TR2 were already one step closer to the next round. They continued to wait as Supernova and Big Nipper butted discs, but used that as an opportunity to move in, taking Supernova on a trip around the arena that cumulated in pushing ‘Nova’s disc into the wall, where it lost its final tooth.

Carrying the competition.png
Carrying the competition

TR2 kept on Supernova, next pushing them into the pit release mechanism, which activated in a shower of sparks from the disc contact. After Big Nipper and Supernova clashed again, TR2 came back to their mortal enemy and shoved them towards the pit, which Supernova only just managed to avoid thanks to the gyroscopic effect of their disc and the one wheel that was on the ground. Big Nipper then came in for an attack, bounced off TR2 and almost went in the pits themselves.

Unfortunately, all good heats must eventually come to an end. TR2 went on the attack against Supernova for the 5000th time, using their flipper like a scoop, and got underneath. With Supernova heavily off balance, TR2 angled them towards the pit and just had to watch as they sent themselves crashing down. Even with no flipper, TR2 were going through.

TR2’s first Head to Head was against the other robot that had come through their heat, Big Nipper. This time, however, the Nipper was equipped with the crushing claws, rather than the vertical spinning disc. And TR2 started on the offensive, getting underneath Big Nipper side on and throwing them into the wall (Nice to see the flipper working now). Big Nipper meanwhile couldn’t get the claws under TR2, at least not enough to be able to do anything with them. TR2, having seen Big Nipper escape, then chased them across the arena, flipping them into Dead Metal. TR2 then attempted to flip the combination of Big Nipper and Dead Metal, but whilst it provided a little life, it didn’t entirely do much to affect proceedings. Still on the attack, TR2 continued to chase Big Nipper as the pit opened, and eventually only had to wait as Big Nipper drove themselves close to the edge…

And TR2 pushed them down it.

End Him.png
End him

TR2’s next fight was an all flipper affair against Dantomkia, who had defeated King B in their previous fight. I literally wrote about this fight in last night’s DTK review, so I’ll attempt to somewhat keep it short.
The fight began with both robots on the charge, but although TR2 were first to get underneath their opponent, they weren’t under there long enough to get a viable flip away. And so the back and forth continued for a while, until Dantomkia drove themselves into a wall, and now TR2 could finally flip them. Then they flipped them again. Dantomkia did try to come back, but TR2 were largely unaffected by the advances. Dantomkia, on the other hand, were feeling the effects, with their flipper arm jammed open. So when TR2 flipped them over again, it was the end of the fight.

End Him pt2.png
End him part 2

With TR2 assured of reaching the heat final, they came up against an already eliminated King B Remix, hoping to make it 3 wins out of 3. And as the fight started, it looked very much as if the run would continue. King B’s high(er) ground clearance meant that they were continually riding up TR2’s flipper, and eventually felt its full force.

The great flip.png
The flying King (B)

TR2 then followed that up by flipping them again, and again… And again. It was an impressive barrage of flips, one which King B couldn’t escape from easily. And with no real threat coming from King B’s weapon system, TR2 could go all in. TR2 attempted to put King B out of the arena, but although they failed, they did manage to get them into Sir Killalot’s CPZ. Whilst Killalot was busy with King B, TR2 activated the pit.

Unfortunately, King B never recovered from its time with Killalot, and it was a fairly easy task for TR2 to flip them into the pit. And so TR2 would go onto the heat final with a full 9 points! The first to do that in the series (And, as it would turn out, the only)..

And so, in the heat final, we would see a rematch between TR2 and Dantomkia. TR2 won last time out, but could they carry on the form?…
The fight started much like their head to head, but this time it was neither TR2 nor Dantomkia that drew the first hit. No! It was the floor flipper! Then it was Dantomkia, but the floor flipper came first. After recovering from that, TR2 set about emulating their previous performances. Dantomkia made it slightly easier for them by reversing into Matilda’s flywheel, but TR2 escalated things further by flipping them against the arena side wall. 

As Dantomkia flailed around with Matilda, TR2 sat back and watched until they finally came free. When Dantomkia attacked them, TR2 navigated their opponents onto the floor flipper, which launched DTK into the air. With no CO2 left in the tanks, Dantomkia couldn’t self-right, and TR2 went through as worthy winner, with a 100% record to their name!

Revenge of the floor flipper
I have used this picture 3 times now and i’m not even sorry

So how did TR2 do? Well, about as well as is physically possible. They came out of week 3 with a 100% record, having defeated everyone they faced by knockout. Even with no working flipper, they still managed to send Supernova into the pit, whilst King B, Big Nipper and Dantomkia all fell to their superior flipping ability. It was a perfect heat, something that can only be rewarded with a perfect score.

Robot Rating (TR2): 10/10


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