Robot Review: Dantomkia (S08E03)

Dantomkia is a robot with a lot of history, a history it amassed having competed in just two wars (6th & 7th) and Extreme II prior to this year (FRA events not included). Having reached the semi-finals in both wars, Dantomkia holds the record for most robots flipped out of the arena at 10 (A record it stole from Firestorm). It also held the record for shortest fight at 8 seconds, after flipping IG-88 out of the arena- however, this was broken in their next fight against Dutch robot Gravity, which took them out in just 6 seconds. Incidentally, the record for shortest battle now stands at 4 seconds, from an FRA event in 2012 where Kronic defeated Iron Awe.

Anyway, enough of the past and onto the present. Dantomkia, under new owners S.Tek, were placed in the heat with Glitterbomb, King B Remix and Overdozer, a heat that should have been fairly easy for DTK. Overdozer especially would be considered cannon fodder, whilst Glitterbomb and King B didn’t necessarily possess weapons that would scare Dantomkia. But, as we know, this is Robot Wars, and anything can happen.

So, the fight! Dantomkia didn’t actually do much at first, waiting as King B assaulted Overdozer, before taking on Glitterbomb as their first target. Glitterbomb did strike with the axe, but no real damage was done. Dantomkia and Glitterbomb continued to grapple, but DTK was having a hard time getting underneath the pink robot, which had problems of its own. But Dantomkia did eventually get underneath, flipping Glitterbomb over, though they were saved by King B. Dantomkia then decided the already dead Overdozer would be a better candidate for attack, and proceeded to rip the robot to pieces using only the flipper.

Don't underestimate Dantomkia.png
Don’t underestimate Dantomkia

Having had a go at Overdozer, Dantomkia then went back to the pair of King B and Glitterbomb, using their squabble to line up Glitterbomb and turn them over. With no help this time, Glitterbomb were immobilised, and Dantomkia were going through. Of course, they couldn’t help but go back and take Overdozer apart EVEN MORE. Overkill.

Dantomkia’s first Head to Head saw a rematch with King B, making this the 3rd time in 2 wars King B and Dantomkia have faced each other. An odd stat maybe, and almost certainly not intended given the fact Mentorn seemed to be wanting to avoid the past as much as is physically possible.
Anyway, the fight. And King B actually started reasonably well, bumping and barging into Dantomkia. Sure, it wasn’t doing much damage, but it was aggressive. One hit had enough force to send King B momentarily airborne.

Clash of the Titans.png
Clash of the Titans

It didn’t last long. Though Dantomkia didn’t make it easy for themselves, getting trapped on an arena spike before doing anything. But they did eventually get underneath King B, then drove them half way across the arena before trying to flip them out of it altogether. They didn’t, but King B did get trapped between the pit release mechanism and the arena barrier, and were immobilised. Just to add insult to injury, Matilda then came over and flipped King B out. Not that Dantomkia cared, they already had the 3 points.

Dantomkia’s next fight was against reigning champion TR2, who had just dispatched Big Nipper in their first Head to Head. Whoever won would put themselves on 5 or 6 points, and have one foot in the heat final.
TR2 started the brighter of the two robots, using the giant scoop flipper to get underneath the raised rear and manoeuvre Dantomkia around the arena, before finally flipping them high into the air. Dantomkia self-righted, but they were rattled. TR2 weren’t about to give up either, and they chased Dantomkia around the arena before flipping them again, pinning them against the wall.

Attack of the Toon Raider.png
Attack of the Toon Raider

Dantomkia did escape, but the battle was only going one way. After an attempted flip only half flung TR2, Dantomkia’s flipper jammed open somewhat which, while it looked cool, was very unhelpful. TR2 flipped them over again, and now they were in trouble. Venting CO2 gas, the flipper was non-functional, and Dantomkia was immobile. 

So, this lead Dantomkia to a fairly simple situation. Defeat Big Nipper, or go out.
Dantomkia started well, getting underneath Big Nipper almost immediately and flipping them, before pushing them into Sir Killalot’s CPZ. Even after Sir Killalot had released Big Nipper, Dantomkia were relentless, pushing them and flipping them so that they would always end up back in that CPZ, even if they were taking damage from Big Nipper’s flywheel. Eventually though, Sir Killalot decided to get his lance stuck in the wall, and Big Nipper were free. Still, Dantomkia weren’t going to get disheartened by that, and promptly threw Big Nipper several feet into the air.

Airborne pt 2
Up, up and away!

Big Nipper were still just about holding on, and still certainly had an active weapon, as Dantomkia could attest to when they drove into it, shattering part of the flipper mechanism. Still the fight finished with two mobile competitors and went to the judges…

And Dantomkia won.

So the heat finale! Up against TR2 again, Dantomkia were out looking for revenge. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, because you’re not going to get it either way.
The match started tentatively for both robots, and although TR2 seemed capable of getting in underneath DTK, they didn’t do so very much in the opening exchange. In the midst of some awful editing in which the pit seems to go down for no reason whatsoever, TR2 drive over the floor flipper and get turned over, which isn’t a great way to start. Dantomkia then get under them and flip them towards Matilda, but with TR2 still on their wheels, they get away fairly easily. In trying to launch another attack, Dantomkia accidentally reverse into Matilda’s flywheel…. As you do.

Now it’s TR2’s turn to attack, and with their first flip manage to pin Dantomkia against the arena side wall. DTK try to get off, at which point Matilda comes in and kung fu kicks them in the face. Dantomkia try to self right again, at which point Matilda flips them back over. The problem with this is that Dantomkia has used a lot of CO2 attempting to rectify the problem, and are now a bit fucked. Not only that, but they are once again venting CO2, making self-righting all but impossible. So when TR2 push them onto the floor flipper, which in turn sends then crashing onto their top, it’s not looking good. Infact, it’s pretty much game over.

Revenge of the floor flipper
Moments before the end

So, how did Dantomkia do? Well pretty well, especially to get into the heat final. They cruised through their heat, taking out Glitterbomb and tearing apart Overdozer. They eventually made light work of King B, though the pushbot gave them a good fight in the opening 30 seconds. Big Nipper were beaten too, though not before DTK sustained damage. Of course, they were also outclassed, not once but twice, by TR2. So they were good, they just weren’t good enough.

Robot Rating (Dantomkia): 7/10 + 0.5 for Shane Swan hitting the robot with a hammer
= 7.5/10


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