Robot Review: King B Remix (S08E03)

You know what, I like the website, because they’re more than happy to make references to the old series. Infact, if you boot up King B’s competitor page, the first thing they tell you is that they were a previous competitor on the show. They also throw in the little bit of trivia that King B was once almost cut in half by Sir Killalot in the 5th wars. It’s nice to know Mentorn can’t run that website like they run Jonathan Pearce. King B has also gone under names such as King B3 and King B Powerworks. Personally I’ve always referred to it as King B Powerworks, but King B is so much easier when you’re writing a blog.

King B itself has changed a lot since its first incarnation in the 2nd wars, but the principle was still the same- the robot was a box-wedge with front lifting spikes. King B is definitely one of the relics of Robot Wars, in the sense that front lifting spikes were good back in 1998, but this is 2016. Things are moving on. It helped them of course that they were placed in a heat with Overdozer, which means the 4 way melee was more of a 3 way melee, much to their favour. The other robots in the heat were Dantomkia (Again) and Glitterbomb, both of which could cause them problems.

Onto the heat then, and King B started well, ramming Overdozer into Glitterbomb. Once released they rammed again, bouncing Overdozer off the lip of the pit and, er, immobilising it. Score one for King B.
With Overdozer taken care of, King B went after Glitterbomb, crashing into the side of the pink robot and actually flipping itself over. They continued to chase Glitterbomb, however, forcing it into a corner, where Dantomkia then flipped it over. However, King B drove into Glitterbomb, helping it to right itself. That didn’t stop the tussle between the two robots in another corner this time, but once again Dantomkia came in and flipped Glitterbomb, who couldn’t self-right. King B through to the Head to Heads.

So into the H2Hs, and King B found themselves up against Dantomkia first… Again. Something about King B and DTK facing each other in the recent wars (I.e. this one and the 7th wars).
King B started tactically, pushing and prodding at Dantomkia, trying to stay away from the flipper. It was a solid tactic that initially worked, allowing them to score aggression and control points, especially when DTK got stuck on an arena spike. The problem was that DTK were learning, adapting, and soon they had figured out how to outmanoeuvre King B. And so eventually Dantomkia did manage to get in underneath, and that was the beginning of the end for King B.



Dantomkia took them all the way across the arena, before attempting to flip them out over the low barrier. King B bounced off the pit release mechanism block before coming to rest on its arse, and unable to move as it was trapped between the block and the arena sidewall. With no mobility, King B was counted out, and Matilda was left with the job of flipping the robot out of the arena. This made King B the first robot to go out of the arena in the 8th wars. Didn’t give them any points though.

Next up for King B was Big Nipper, which had reverted back to its vertical spinning disc. King B started the fight this time by going straight for the pit release, obviously hopeful of pushing them into the pit. King B were certainly combative, pushing Big Nipper around as much as they could. When Big Nipper got stuck on an arena spike, King B got underneath and pushed them very close to the pit, almost fulfilling the strategy, but Big Nipper just about got away.

Now it was Big Nipper’s turn to go on the offensive, trying to use the disc to cause damage. And, after pushing them towards the edge of the arena, the blade cut into the polymer guard at the rear, making it snow inside the arena!

*Insert unwarranted Christmas music here*


Big Nipper then hit King B once more, bouncing the robot into the air and removing the safety link, instantly immobilising King B. Once again, another match lost and another zero point fight, which this time meant that King B would be going home.

Regardless of that fact, King B still had to face TR2, who were so far undefeated. And, with nothing to lose, King B took the offensive straight away, driving up TR2’s scoop in an effort to over and around it, or cause it to let off a loose flip. However, TR2 didn’t budge, and King B just ended up driving around without causing too much harm. And when TR2 managed to get round the side, King B found themselves flying into the arena side wall. It was the first of a barrage of flips by TR2, who were trying to get them out of the arena, but with little success. Instead, King B just kept bouncing off the wall, and eventually found its way into Sir Killalot’s CPZ.

Killalot cam.png


Killalot then grasped hold of King B, twirled around a bit, and then proceeded to roast them over the flame pit. This, unfortunately, seemed to kill King B.

In the claws of the beast.png
In the claws of the beast


With King B now immobile, it was a simple task for TR2 to get underneath them and drive them towards the pit, where they then flipped them down into it. The end of King B Remix for 2016, out in the second round with zero points.

So, how did King B do? Well they got through the first round fine, but they were up against Overdozer, and Dantomkia did most of the heavy lifting (Literally). Unfortunately their shortcomings were exposed in the Head to Heads, where they were left beached by Dantomkia, had their ass torn in half by Big Nipper and got roasted by Sir Killalot, all of which lead to immobilisations.

I like King B, they’re my kind of robot. I love the lifter/pushers (I mean Storm 2 is my favourite robot from this series and Firestorm was my favourite robot of all time), but King B is stuck in the past. The design may have been good for 1998, but things have moved on from then. If they want to survive in this era of Robot Wars, the robot is going to need a big, big overhaul. 

Robot Rating (King B Remix): 6/10

It’s also nice to see WordPress’ font manager is on crack cocaine again.


4 thoughts on “Robot Review: King B Remix (S08E03)

    1. I haven’t seen anything comfirmed, but I honestly can’t see it being any other way. I can’t believe that you can have so many returning robots and not make a single mention to their previous affiliation with the show. The closest we got on the program was Shane Swan talking about how he bought Dantomkia from Mike Lambert, but even that specifically doesn’t mention Robot Wars as a competition.

      The website, on the other hand, is controlled by ‘Robot Wars ltd’, which as far as I can tell (I actually did research into this lmao) is not a part of Mentorn. Therefore I suspect Mentorn can’t tell them not to make references, but seeing as the show was produced by Mentorn, they would have creative control on the actual filming and what is said.

      I have a few ideas as to why they might put a blanket ban on referencing the old series. For one, I suspect the large gap between the two means Mentorn really see this as a reboot and not a continuation, i.e. this is a brand new program. I suppose it’s quite a poor reason, but I wonder if they think making references to the old show would confuse any new viewers they bring in? Like they want a completely new slate. Also there’s the fact they gained quite a bad reputation in the Robot Wars community from the latter wars of the original run, which they were probably trying to shake off by not mentioning anything they had to do with it.

      Now that my essay is over, i’m 90% sure the font issues are due to the pictures haha. Everything is fine until they go in, but if I take them out again the font doesn’t reset. So people are going to have to live with it haha.


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