Robot Review: Supernova (S08E03)

Supernova are another of the Robot Wars old timers, having made their debut in the 5th wars, and also saw a vague amount of success, reaching the final of the 3rd World Championships before losing to Storm 2. I say vague, because that was about as good as it got. They went out in the 1st melee in both the 5th and 7th wars- also in a fight containing Storm 2- though they did reach the heat final in the 6th wars before losing to Spawn Again.

Supernova hasn’t exactly changed much since then, and it still contains the giant 22kg, 2500rpm flywheel that once tore a hole through the Plexiglas arena side wall in the 7th wars (And I bet you’ll never guess who helped cause it…). And with little change comes little weight gain, with Supernova still weighing just 94kg. In other terms, the disc makes up 23.4% of the entire robot. Now that’s my kind of robot.

Supernova came up against TR2, Orte and Big Nipper in the 2nd heat of week 3, making this the battle of finalists and winner. Big Nipper were 2x UK Champions, TR2 were reigning UK Champions and Orte was built by the guy who finished runner up in the 5th wars with Bigger Brother. Some fight.

Supernova were involved straight away too, crashing into Orte as their opponent tried to rush them out from the starting blocks. As Supernova regained some of its senses, Big Nipper pushed Orte into Supernova’s spinning disc, which not only killed Orte but also tore one of the teeth off Supernova’s disc. Talk about a powerful weapon.
But, with one tooth still on the disc, Supernova were still a threat. And so they charged at Big Nipper head on- Big Nipper did not budge, and the two robots collided in a flash of sparks.

Supersonic blur.png
Supersonic Blur


Supernova did seem to come out of it better, however, with Big Nipper’s disc now slightly bent out of position. TR2, whose flipper wasn’t working, then got underneath Supernova and pushed them around the arena, ending with Supernova’s disc colliding with the wall.

Believe it or not, that removed the last remaining tooth from Supernova’s disc.
So, now toothless, Supernova went back on the attack against TR2, but bounced off the flipper and drove straight into the pit release mechanism. After recovering, they went back on the attack against Big Nipper, butting disc once again. But TR2 would not let go of the attack on Supernova and got underneath again, shoving them towards the pit. Supernova just about got away- on one wheel- whilst Big Nipper almost went in themselves. The match was getting close.

And then the match was over. TR2 got back underneath Supernova. Supernova, with the wacky gyroscopic effect of having such a massive disc in such a light robot, swerved off the flipper and across the arena floor- on one wheel, again- and straight into the pit, which incidentally they had activated themselves. 

On the edge.png
On the edge of oblivion


So Supernova, how did they do? Well, in a very tough heat, they probably did as well as could have been expected from them. They immobilised Orte (With a little help from Big Nipper), but once they lost the teeth on the disc it was always going to be a struggle to do damage. Still, they put on a good show against Big Nipper, buckling their weapon system in the process of the fight. TR2, however, was where they came unstuck; Unable to damage the wedge/flipper and unable to outmanoeuvre TR2 either, they were eventually sent skating into the pit, no thanks to their disc’s gyro power. Still, an immobilisation is a big feat, and in any other heat they probably would have at least made the Head to Heads.

Robot Rating (Supernova): 6/10


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