Robot Review: Glitterbomb (S08E03)

Glitterbomb is like the Disney princess of Robot Wars: It’s pink, has an intricately shaped axe and is captained by a 9 year old girl called April. But it’s also made of Raex, which is like Hardox for hipsters, and has puncture resistant foam filled tyres. The axe too also packs a punch (1.2 tonnes of force to be precise). The robot may have been designed by a kid, but it certainly looked dangerous. 

Glitterbomb, like Overdozer, can also be classified as one of those robots that was built in the 5 weeks after being told they were competing. Unlike Overdozer, however, they didn’t build their robot out of MDF or give it a petrol engine, because they actually wanted to last more than 30 seconds. If you thought Glitterbomb looked familiar, the team that built this also own veteran robot ‘Edge Hog’. Infact, the actual axe mechanism used in Glitterbomb was salvaged from Edge Hog because they had no time. ROBOT CANNIBALISM!

Glitterbomb actually came up against Overdozer, along with Dantomkia and King B Remix. So you already kinda know what happens in that heat thanks to Overdozer’s review. Overdozer, the robot so bad it couldn’t even line up for its fight correctly.
Glitterbomb had no such problems at the start. I mean they had problems, namely the fact their gas system was leaking and their regulator had frozen, but not Overdozer kind of problems.

So when the battle started, Glitterbomb went after Dantomkia and King B, but with King B deciding to end Overdozer in the first 23 seconds, Glitterbomb were left with Dantomkia. And they looked good, getting a hit in with the axe- I’m still not convinced on the shape or purpose of the axe (It’s half way between a Shunt/Dominator 2 pick axe and a Terrorhurtz/Thor blunt axe)- whilst dodging DTK’s attempts to get in underneath. Glitterbomb strike again, but now they have a problem; The axe is stuck downwards. We’re seeing Bonk all over again but 2 weeks later.

Still, they’re avoiding Dantomkia quite nicely. Most of DTK’s attacks end with them just bouncing off each other. And so Glitterbomb, with the axe now looking more like a lance, go after the stricken Overdozer, pushing the dead robot into the arena side wall. However, now cornered, Dantomkia do get underneath and flip them over. Usually they would use the axe to self-right, but with it out of action they’re effectively immobile. Well, King B actually help them back onto their wheels, but that’s not the point.

A helping hand.png
A helping hand


Whilst Dantomkia is busy taking apart Overdozer, Glitterbomb is grappling with King B in the corner of the arena, but neither able to really do much. So Dantomkia comes back over and promptly flips Glitterbomb back onto their side. This time King B leave them alone, and with the axe still crocked, it’s the end of the road for them.

Final Killcam.png
Final Killcam


Despite the obvious jokes about having a pink robot in the arena, Glitterbomb actually looked like it could be quite useful. The axe probably could do with having a little less uniqueness and a little more purpose, but it certainly had the right idea, and enough power behind it. The robot itself was also built quite well, and I fancy they could have given King B a hard time with a working axe. But, alas, Robot Wars is a harsh competition, and with a broken regulator and only two hits in the buffer tank, Glitterbomb was doomed from the start. Great potential, just not realised.

At least they were more useful than Bonk

Robot Rating (Glitterbomb): 3.5/10


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