Robot Review: Overdozer (S08E03)

Overdozer was an abomination. A glorious abomination. I’m still debating with myself whether it was the worst robot ever seen on Robot Wars (Granny’s Revenge, anyone?), but it was most certainly the worst robot we saw in the 8th wars. That said, I suppose if you give a group of people that have never built a robot before 5 weeks and £1000, don’t be too surprised when it comes back made of MDF and driven by a petrol engine. I mean, at least they actually built a robot, right?

Overdozer is unique in a number of ways. Firstly, it was actually supposed to fight in week 2 against Tough As Nails, Thor and Shockwave, but had to pull out because the robot didn’t work, and was replaced by Disconstructor. They were then reinstated for week 3 because another robot, Armakillo, also had to pull out with technical issues. So Overdozer were in, then they were out, and then they were back in again. For the record, Armakillo looked like a robot you would have built on Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction, so I don’t think its loss made much difference to the show. Equally, Disconstructor were a bit shit too, so the juggling around didn’t really affect anything.

Armakillo… Apparently.


So, because of the juggling that saw Overdozer in week 3 and not week 2, they instead came up against Dantomkia, Glitterbomb and King B Remix. It is at this point I would like to remind everyone that Overdozer weighs a measly 86kg, and Dantomkia can lift a car. Then again, could you have imagined them coming up against Thor? It would have been a massacre.

So, onto the actual battle… if you can call it that. As everyone else set off, Overdozer didn’t. It just kinda spun around a bit, before getting karate chopped by King B. No worries, we’re only about 3 seconds into the fight. King B seem to have taken a liking to Overdozer, and drive them across the arena and over the pit. Now, I’m fairly sure I’ve already pointed out that, even when the pit is closed, it still has a small lip around the edges because it’s not entirely flat. So when King B drove them over the pit, Overdozer got stuck on the lip, bounced off it, and… er… died. Yeah.

The moment we lost Overdozer.png
The moment we lost Overdozer forever


Less than 30 seconds into the fight, having done a grand total of literally nothing, Overdozer are dead. I mean it probably didn’t help that something fell off when they hit the edge of the pit, but still. That’s appalling.

It doesn’t even stop there. King B then drive the stricken cardboard box off the pit and back onto the main arena before taking a liking to Glitterbomb, leaving Overdozer to just sit there and wonder why on earth they actually bothered. Glitterbomb, having escaped King B, then use their axe like a lance and push Overdozer into the side wall. It’s literally pass the parcel: Overdozer edition. Of course, that means that Dantomkia are next up to have a go with them- at this point, the front MDF panel has completely fallen off and half the robot’s internal’s are hanging out, but that doesn’t stop DTK tossing the robot like a pancake.

MDF Nightmare.png
A nightmare in MDF


DTK, after immobilising Glitterbomb, then decide they want another crack at Overdozer. I mean, the robot has suffered enough just by existing in the first place, but now it’s got to the point where it is humiliating. I’m not sure that thought would ever have stopped Shane Swan & co, and so they finish with a flourish, taking the front “armour” panel of Overdozer and tossing it about 6ft into the air before the klaxon sounds.

A fitting end


Thank Christ that is over.

So, Overdozer. Erm, let’s face it, they were terrible. The only thing they did in the entire battle was spin around for about two seconds at the start, and they died from their second hit. They then promptly fell apart. It is a warning message to everyone- do not build a robot out of MDF or give it a petrol engine, or you will be torn apart very quickly and very violently.
I was toying with the idea of giving Overdozer a score of zero, but then I decided even that would be too generous.

Robot Rating (Overdozer): -2/10

And as an end to this article, a massive congratulations to Ray Billings and Tombstone for winning the 2nd season of Battlebots. Tombstone is an immense robot, and a worthy winner (Although the fights with Beta and Yeti ran them close). 
Can you imagine if they put Overdozer up against Tombstone though? It would be an obliteration. I would definitely pay to see that.


2 thoughts on “Robot Review: Overdozer (S08E03)

    1. It was the only way I could think of showing just how bad Overdozer was, especially as I gave Chimera 0.5

      I mean nothing is going to come close to Overdozer for the rest of the reviews this season, but I do have a coupel of 1/10s and a 1.5/10 coming up.


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