Robot Wars S08E06 Part 2: One Bot Will Rule Them All

You’ll notice today is Wednesday. Usually part 2 of a recap is out on a Tuesday, whilst part 3 is on the Wednesday. There are a couple of reasons for this. One, I just wanted a day off.  Two, there is not going to be a part 3. Having gone through how each robot got this far in part 1, there isn’t much else for me to do than recap the actual battles. I’m streamlining it. I have no idea how many words this’ll be (It’ll likely be a lot), but by the end of this you will know which robot has become the 2016 UK Heavyweight champion and winner of Robot Wars the 8th wars.

So, we have our final 4. Carbide, Apollo, Thor and TR2 all made it through into the head to heads. But only two can make it through the final itself. So, shall we begin?

Head to Head 1: Carbide v Thor

So, the first matchup sees Carbide, having destroyed not only Shockwave’s hopes and dreams, but the set too, come up against wildcard Thor, who not only have a steel plate over the front of their robot to try and protect from Carbide’s bar spinner, but a spiky axe to try and puncture them too. We’ll see.

Shunt and Killalot are your house robots. Let’s get this show on the road!
Both robots take off instantly. Thor it should be said can reportedly get up to 30mph, and they box rush Carbide, deflecting off the spinning blade and flying half way across the arena. Carbide goes the other way in the process. Unfortunately for Thor, they come to rest over the floor flipper, which has no trouble tossing them into the air and crashing back down on their top. Great start.
As Thor recover, Carbide come over to their corner, looking for robot blood (Or should that be oil?). They promptly hit their mark, tearing an entire panel off the side pod before Thor escapes. Thor don’t give up, however, and try to come back on the attack, hitting Carbide head on.

The resulting collision tears the anti-spinner plate clean off, and sends it flying OUT of the arena. Jesus Christ.


Aaaand you're gone.png
Aaaaand you’re gone


Thor is walking wounded now, but Carbide is relentless in assault. They come in again, striking the now exposed front end and sending Thor skating into the flame pit. Thor are still driving mind you, which is maybe why Carbide keep hitting them. After all, 3 points for a knockout. And so Carbide come in again, hitting Thor with enough force to turn them over. Thor self right just as Carbide come underneath them, resulting in a short piggyback ride. Carbide then strike them from the rear, and it’s painfully obvious Thor are finished. Carbide hit them again, just for good measure. But Thor are out. 3 points Carbide.

Head to Head 2: Apollo v TR2

Whilst Thor is sent off to be manically repaired after the decimation it suffered, we move on to a battle of the flippers! So hopefully nobody will suffer quite so much extreme damage. Carbide is just scary. Either way, now we have a fight between the undefeated TR2 and the crowd favourite Apollo. TR2’s modifications include welding a new front end on after Pulsar fucked it over from the grave, whilst Apollo… Well, Apollo doesn’t need any modifications. No bum axe on TR2 either, because we all know it was incredibly useless.

Your house robots are Sir Killalot and Dead Metal. Nope, Matilda is still broken.
And so the battle of the flippers is underway. TR2 is the first to get underneath their opponent, but Apollo get away before they can fire the flipper. Apollo spins away, and now they’re underneath TR2, and they do fire their flipper, sending TR2 through the air and crashing to the ground. It’s a battle of who can fire the flipper first, and at the moment Apollo are winning. TR2 have another opportunity but don’t fire, allowing Apollo to flip them again. Apollo then get underneath and drive them all the way over to the arena perimeter, trying to toss them out of the arena altogether, but TR2 bounce off the top of the wall and back into the arena. So close!


Brink of Disaster.png
Brink of Disaster


As TR2 try to recover, they find themselves in Dead Metal’s CPZ. If there’s one place you don’t want to be, it’s probably there. They escape, and now finally they get a flip in on Apollo, sending him into Dead Metal’s CPZ. Now, we all know what happened last time Apollo found itself in with Dead Metal, and sure enough they try to flip the house robot again, but fortunately for Dead Metal, the arena side wall is there to stop them actually going over.

Apollo are still on top, and once again manage to toss TR2 through the air. They clash front ends, but neither can get underneath with the zero ground clearance- it’s the sides and the rears they have to go for. And so Apollo gets underneath again, turning them over with some help from the floor flipper. TR2 right themselves, then get underneath Apollo and turn them over. It’s a never ending blow by blow flipping frenzy. But now both robots are running out of gas, and something has to go soon.

In the end, it’s TR2.

Apollo get one last flip in, turning TR2 onto its ass with the flipper open and no way to self right. They’re stranded. They’re finished. Game over. 3 points to Apollo and TR2’s first loss of the entire competition.

Head to Head 3: Carbide v Apollo

It’s crunch time. Carbide vs. Apollo, the two robots that had won their opening round fights. A win here would send them one step closer to the grand final’s grand final, making this fight even more important.

Shunt and Killalot are your house robots, because obviously Killalot refuses to move, and we’re off!
Apollo stick true to their word and ram Carbide head on, hitting them with enough force to send the robot somersaulting onto its back.


Lift off.png
Lift off


Carbide are of course invertible, but being upside down is never nice. There’s just one problem…

Apollo are dead.

The problem was, as soon as Carbide had come back down to Earth, it had collided with Apollo. And it was that second hit that KOed Apollo. Carbide don’t stop though, oh no. They want to make absolutely sure that Apollo is dead, so they come in and hit them with the blade. Then they hit them again, sending themselves flying into Shunt and Apollo across the arena. Carbide come back, and despite the Apollo team begging for mercy as the clock ticks down to their defeat, Carbide strikes a massive gash down the side of Apollo’s armour, just to finish things off.

I think we can fairly easily call that a Carbide victory. 6 points on the board now for Carbide, who are all but in the Grand Finale.

Head to Head 4: TR2 v Thor

This battle is the complete opposite to the Carbide v Apollo encounter. Whoever loses this one is going home, something quite incredible considering that TR2 had a 100% record before the last match. Thor have risen from the ashes before, but can they pull it out of the bag again? It’d be a tough task, given their robot is only just in one piece…

Your house robots are Dead Metal and- wait for it- MATILDA!

Both robots set off and straight away TR2 gets in underneath the just about fixed Thor, tossing them through the air and into the clutches of Dead Metal. They get clear and then, erm, run away from TR2. They’re quite literally running away. Having a 30mph top speed helps with that, but the fact they’re confined to the arena does not. Soon TR2 catches up to them and flips them over once more. So far so good for TR2, but they need a knockout blow to stand any chance of going through. Same for Thor. But can they get it?

Thor self right with the axe, but bounce up as they do so, allowing TR2 to get in underneath them once again. This time they drive Thor over to the corner of the arena, trying to pin them in with the flip. Thor goes over but self rights, and as it does self right, TR2 miss with another flip, riding themselves up against the wall. Thor sees this as an opportunity to get the axe in, but TR2 get away just in time.

And then they flip Thor. And then they flip Thor again. And then they drive Thor over to Dead Metal, flipping them over the blazing flame pit. It’s a great show, if you’re not Thor.


In the flames.png
In the flames


Thor get away, and now TR2 are running out of gas. Thor do themselves no favours, however, when they retreat straight into Matilda’s flywheel. That’s not even the worst of it. Matilda then turns around and flips Thor over with the tusks. Matilda wants revenge!


Screw you Thor.png
“Screw you Thor”


The end of the battle continues in much the same way. TR2 flips Thor. Thor has run ins with Matilda, including driving into the flywheel again. But eventually, instead of TR2, it is Thor that has gas issues, and when TR2 tosses them over, the axe won’t right them! Gas vents out, but Thor are finished. And, as fun as it’s been, that’s 3 points to TR2 and Thor are gone from the competition.

But wait! The axe does work! No, wait, false alarm. TR2 flips them back over, this time towards Matilda. Thor once again can’t self-right, and Matilda decides to end it once and for all by tossing Thor out of the arena. Now it really is goodbye.

Head to Head 5: TR2 v Carbide

Ah TR2, so nice to have you back. This was a big fight for TR2, as they would need to beat Carbide to stand any chance of going through. Realistically they would need to win by knockout. Best of luck guys…

Shunt and Killalot are your two house robots, probably because Matilda was too afraid of getting destroyed after only just being fixed. Idk where Dead Metal went.
And so the fight begins. TR2 immediately tried to rush Carbide, much like what Apollo did. The collision has the same effect in that it scatters both robots, but TR2 is still running, unlike Apollo at this point. Carbide however come back in and promptly tear a piece off TR2.
TR2 now try to escape, to get around carbide so that they can avoid the spinning bar. But Carbide is a well driven robot, and they get another hit in, slicing across the front flipper and sending TR2 into Sir Killalot. TR2 is standing up to the punishment well so far, although they are now completely missing a side panel, which means we can actually see one of the CO2 bottles. Imagine if Carbide hit that…. *Shivers*

After a brief tussle with Killalot, TR2 comes back for Carbide, but Carbide once again deliver a brutal assault to the front flipper. Combined with TR2’s efforts to flip Carbide, the robot launches itself into the air.

Fly robot fly.png
Fly robot, fly!


So far, so good for Carbide, right? Except TR2 did more damage than Carbide may have realised, because the bar spinner has stopped. It’s completely non-functional. And that’s good news for TR2. With nothing stopping them now, they get their first flip in on Carbide, turning it over. Carbide runs away, but TR2 can catch them, much like they caught Thor. TR2 try to get them over to the low section of the arena sidewall, but despite flipping Carbide several times, they just won’t go out of the arena. Carbide back off, reversing away- and straight over the floor flipper.


Revenge of the floor flipper 2.png
Revenge of the floor flipper… Again!


And then they drive over the floor flipper once more, but they’re still not their preferable way up. So, how do you rectify that? Drive over the floor flipper FOR A THIRD TIME. Guess what? Still not the right way up. TR2 then flip them into Shunt, which actually does right them for about 10 seconds, before they are then flipped back over. Shunt then finally does get a grip on Carbide, lifting them up with the scoop and bringing the axe down. Carbide is made of strong stuff, however, and can stand up to it. Not scoring any points though…

Shunt has one final shove of vengeance, pinning Carbide up against the wall. But the clock is already counting down, and we’re going to a judges’ decision. But who won? Was Carbide’s early damage enough, or was the latter aggression of TR2 a catalyst for victory. Well, the winner is…


A vital win for TR2 that puts them second on 5 points. However, if Apollo beat Thor, then TR2 will still find themselves going home…

Head to Head 6: Apollo v Thor

So, Apollo vs. Thor. The battle of the broken robots (Both by the hands of Carbide, it should be said). Apollo win, they go through. Thor are already gone.

Your house robots for the final H2H are Dead Metal and Shunt, and we’re ready to get underway!
Thor, patched up and now made up of several scrap parts, start the fight by attempting to avoid Apollo’s powerful flipper. But in what is essentially running away, they accidentally drive over the floor flipper, which tosses them over. Great start!

Apollo meanwhile have been waiting, and seeing Thor upended they come in for an attack, getting underneath and sending Thor through the air (Via several barrel rolls). You can kinda tell Thor is barely holding itself together, namely because an entire panel flew off when he tried to fire the axe to self-right, followed by another trip on the floor flipper.


We've all had days like Thor.png
We’ve all had days like Thor


And, er, that’s it. Thor are now well and truly dead I’m afraid. So that’s 3 points for Apollo, and a trip into the grand finale to fight Carbide! As for TR2, 5 points sees them take home 3rd place, but miss out on the main event. Thor… I think the less talked about Thor’s condition the better.

Grand Finale: Carbide v Apollo

So, this is it. This is what 6 weeks, 5 heats and 40 competitors has come down to. The launcher of Apollo versus the spinning bar of Carbide. It’s been one hell of a ride, one hell of a journey not just for both of the teams, but for us as well. So, for the last time, here we go. Your house robots are Sir Killalot and Shunt. Let’s do this.

The battle begins! And Apollo, despite it having disastrous consequences in the last fight, go head on for Carbide once again. They clash, with Carbide riding up Apollo before crashing down, the blade bouncing off the floor in the process. Infact, not only did the blade ‘bounce’ off the floor, but it also tore a section of the floor away from the flame pit. Carbide obviously likes tearing apart this arena.
Something Carbide probably likes less is Sir Killalot. Having come down in his CPZ, Killalot then picks Carbide off the floor- well, he tries- before dropping them onto Apollo, who launch Carbide high into the air!


Lift off!.png
Lift off! AGAIN


Carbide fall back to Earth upside down, but at least can go back on the attack. They strike a few glancing blows off Apollo’s front end, but nothing too destructive. They separate, but soon Carbide is coming back at Apollo; Despite being upside down, Carbide manage to land a few more hits, the last of which it large enough to send Apollo flying. Apollo come back, but the next hit tears a piece off the black and white launcher. But Apollo are out for revenge. They shrug off the attacks and get underneath Carbide, tossing them high into the air. When they come back down, they land on the spinner, sending them skittering across the arena. Apollo don’t let up; They come in again, tossing Carbide against the arena wall. Then they flip again, and again. Carbide are on the ropes, and very almost out of the arena. The last flip sends them crashing into Shunt, a key break for Carbide to get away.

Except Carbide have a problem- the spinning bar has stopped again. Now Apollo really have the advantage.

They get a flip in again, sending Carbide into one of the unoccupied CPZs. Carbide, escaping, hit the pit release mechanism, which is surely their only hope of victory. Apollo are still right on them, but some good driving means that Apollo either can’t get a flip in, or they’re missing the flips. Eventually, Apollo do hit their mark, but the flip is not as powerful- Apollo are losing gas pressure. Not only that, but now the flipper is stuck open. Can Carbide come back at them?




Apollo, however, seems to have adapted and is using the open flipper like a jaw, taking Carbide over to Shunt’s CPZ. But when Shunt’s axe comes down, it strikes Apollo! And now the flipper is a bit more closed. And because it’s closed, they can flip Carbide over again! Of course, now the flipper is jammed open once more.
It soon becomes a bit of a cat and mouse chase, with Apollo and Carbide running around each other with no useable weapon. There’s a short trip around the pit- which almost downs Carbide- but the clock is ticking down. Carbide then take a ride on the floor flipper, because they seem to like doing that.

The clock hits 10 seconds to go. Apollo sends Carbide into Shunt, who axes them- twice. The klaxon sounds, and time is up! We’re going to the judges!

And so the time is here. The judges have decided. Who will be crowned the 2016 UK Heavyweight and Robot Wars the 8th wars champion? The winner is…


The flipping frenzy bluecoats have done it. Taking out World Champions Storm 2, powerful spinner PP3D and former UK Champion Eruption in their heat, they’ve come through to dethrone last year’s UK Champion TR2, wildcard Thor and the most powerful bar spinner of the lot, Carbide. Not only that, but they’ve also taken out 3 house robots and become fan favourites across the country. A well deserved victory indeed.

And so that’s it! I’ve had a wonderful time doing these recaps over the past 6 weeks. Let’s all hope that we get another season next year, with even more carnage. Until next time,



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