Robot Review: Shockwave (S08E02)

Shockwave, from Team Shock, comes from a long line of very impressive ‘Robot Wars Live’ robots, including Manta and Maelstrom (Both of those robots I’ve had the pleasure of watching in the live events). But with neither of them accepted (Because too many flippers already, though I still think Maelstrom would have brought something different), Team Shock got down and built Shockwave, an incredibly fast robot (Approx 20mph) with a snowplough scoop. But how well could what is essentially a pushbot do in the new series? As it turns out, very well. Shockwave won week 2 and are through to the week 6 finale, which, incidentally, is tomorrow. And here I am still on week 2. 

So Shockwave found themselves in a heat with Thor, Tough As Nails and Disconstructor. If you read yesterday’s review of Thor, this will all be very familiar to you. Then again, only about 3 people have read that review so maybe not. Who knows.

I know this is going off topic completely, but can we talk about how ridiculously destructive Tombstone was in yesterday’s episode of Battlebots? Seeing that massive bar obliterate Brutus was one hell of a sight. But they’re facing Beta next, which comes from John Reid (Terrorhurtz). We’ve all seen on this series of Robot Wars how Terrorhurtz dealt with Carbide, so I think we may be in for a bit of a shock….

Back to Shockwave. I’m not going to go into great detail because you can read all about half these fights here (
So the match started, and Shockwave’s first target was the pit release mechanism, activating the pit almost straight away. They held back a bit after that, but when Disconstructor took to the skies via the floor flipper, Shockwave were on hand to pick them up and push them into the wall. Not satisfied with that, they then pushed them into the pit. Good thing they opened it earlier, eh? How’s that for strategy?

Taking out the trash.png
Taking out the trash


With Disconstructor taken care of, Shockwave decided to get involved with the tussle between Thor and TAN, getting up behind Thor and pushing them further into TAN’s clutches. In the end, with Thor caught between a rock and a hard place, the red robot ended up riding on top of Shockwave for a few seconds. Still, shows the power behind Shockwave.
But with Thor and TAN mainly fighting between themselves, all Shockwave could do is try to get behind one of the robots and join in the pushing contest. In the end, Shockwave played a part in Thor riding TAN up the side wall, which led to the Dutch robot’s eventual demise. So Shockwave through to the next round.

Next up for Shockwave, in the first H2H, was Foxic. Foxic had a lot of issues in their opening melee, but it was the orange wedgebot that struck the first blow, getting underneath Shockwave. Fortunately, Shockwave got away from it, almost running away to the safety of the pit release button. It was almost like a reset for Shockwave, who came straight back at Foxic. With the scoop now angled downwards, they were able to get underneath, and now it was just a case of pushing them around the arena, hoping to get something out of it. They passed both Matilda and Dead Metal’s CPZs along the way. When Foxic got stuck with Dead Metal, then began pushing them across the arena, Shockwave decided they had to get involved too.

Tag Team.png
Tag team


Having had their brush with the house robots, Shockwave then moved in and pushed Foxic so hard into the wall that they turned over. Foxic is invertible, but it’s called upside down for a reason. You don’t want to be there. And so it proved, because Shockwave came back in for them, got underneath and pushed them straight down the pit. They made it look easy. 3 points.

Next up is Thor. Having already faced Thor, and knowing the threat they possess, Shockwave went for a different scoop, made out of half a gas pipe, in the hope of deflecting the axe blade. The problem with that approach was that it left them exposed at the front, where Thor could get in underneath and push them around. After a couple of trips into Dead Metal’s CPZ, Shockwave ended up pressing the pit release button. Again.

Unfortunately, Shockwave’s time with Dead Metal was not over. The house robot managed to grasp hold of them, and then sawed through one of the wheels. I’m going to guess that wasn’t part of the strategy. What I’m sure was also not part of the strategy is what came next. Having escaped Dead Metal, Shockwave go back at Thor, who brings the axe down and tears off an entire section of drain pipe.

Well shit.

This gave Thor the advantage, and they did not let up. Now well on top, it wasn’t long before Thor had not only rained down a barrage of axe blows, but taken off another section of drainpipe. Infact, the strikes had even bent the actual scoop framework out of shape.

Get Bent.png
Get bent


Shockwave did get some revenge, pushing Thor into Matilda’s flywheel, but in reality the battle had already been settled. With far more aggression and damage caused, Thor took the judges’ decision, leaving Shockwave on 3 points after 2 rounds.

So the final H2H was against M.R Speed Squared. A win would put Shockwave through, but defeat would see them exit the competition. Despite being taken apart by Thor, the gas pipe scoop was back to try and counteract the spinner.
It didn’t take long for Shockwave to gain the upper hand either, immediately rushing MRS^2 and forcing them into Sir Killalot’s CPZ. Of course, Shockwave then activated the pit release. After all, it was their only strategy. Having finished with Sir Killalot, Shockwave then sent them into Dead Metal’s CPZ. It was like they were trying to visit each house robot in turn. Soon they’d be out of the arena searching for Shunt and Matilda.

Either way, Shockwave carried on, launching another attack. Except this time, the chain fell off. Well shit.

No chains on me.png
No chains on me


Losing the chain, however, didn’t seem to impede them at all. So they carried on with the assault, pushing MRS^2 into the wall, tipping them over, where MRS^2 promptly started venting smoke. They were still moving, just about, but Shockwave were well on top at that point. Eventually they got them right where they needed, and shoved them into the pit- but not before almost going down there themselves. It was almost a very costly mistake, but they survived, and put them into the final.

So the final. A rematch with Thor, who had taken them apart in their previous encounter. This time, however, Shockwave had changed the scoop back from the gas pipe to the metal scoop. Could this change swing the bout in their favour?

The answer is yes.

Instantly Shockwave rushed Thor, getting underneath and almost flipping them over, followed instantly by slamming them into the wall. And that was it for Thor, because after that hit, it was clear something was broken. So it was left to Shockwave to manoeuvre Thor over the pit; Despite Thor’s manic attempts to stop it, they crashed down.

Shockwave through to the week 6 finale.

So how did Shockwave do? Very well, to make things blunt. After easily disposing of Disconstructor and TAN in the heats, they made equally easily work of Foxic and M.R Speed Squared in the H2Hs. The one problem came against Thor, who took them apart. But they recovered well and had their revenge, and surprised everyone to get through to the finale.

Robot Rating (Shockwave): 8/10


5 thoughts on “Robot Review: Shockwave (S08E02)

  1. Ha keep going mate, you can do all 40! I’ve seen Manta go before but never Maelstrom weirdly. Watched them on videos before and it looks a lot better than St Agro. If its wired the same way as Manta I guess its a beast


    1. The double flipper on Maelstrom is an interesting concept, and I thought the producers would have liked something like that (I know they didn’t want to include too many ‘normal’ flippers because they were worried it would be considered boring- hence Eruption’s claw and TR2’s axe). Always though Manta was better than Maelstrom though, and Maelstrom is more liable to break down from what I’ve seen of it.

      I actually typed half of this whilst on the phone haha. So if the back half looks like I’ve given up the will to live, it’s actually because I was having to type with one hand whilst also trying to hold a conversation for 1 and a half hours.


      1. Nah its good man, Shockwave could surprise tomorrow. I know they didnt want too many flippers in the series but I wish a Manta or Toxic 2 was included, even though it has been a great series. If Thor is the wildcard, Id love to see them against Shockwave in the final


      2. I still think one of the flippers will win it, and i’m sticking with Apollo as my choice. But it is definitely going to be close between all 6 of them.

        I am actually interesting in how they’re going to split the robots. I don’t know whether they’d want to keep the similar robots in one heat (TR2, Apollo, Shockwave/Carbide, Pulsar, Wildcard) so that you’re guaranteed some diversity from the other heat, or keep the flippers apart so that the heat itself isn’t too samey. Personally I would keep the flippers and spinners apart, so something like (Apollo, Shockwave, Carbide/Pulsar, TR2, Wildcard). But let’s see.


      3. Yea its hard to tell without the draw. Like you know I said Pulsar from the start but theyll have to be more convincing. Otherwise, to be honest, I cant see past TR2. Best put money where the mouth is!


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