Robot Review: Thor (S08E02)

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Thor has undergone a lot of changes since we first saw it in the 6th wars. The body is now shorter but taller, a more chunky build if you like. The hammerhead weapon has been replaced by a dull axe blade which makes it slightly more like a mini Terrorhurtz. One thing is the same though- Jason Marston is still at the controls, and this time he’s built one hell of a machine.

Thor was never a bad robot. It’s won battles in every series it has entered and placed 3rd in the New Blood championship in Extreme 2 after being defeated by Storm 2 in the semi-finals. So there is history. But will a brand new version of Thor be able to live up to its name, and go even further than before? With some tough robots to face in the 8th wars, Thor would need a very good showing indeed. 

Thor was placed with Disconstructor, Tough As Nails and Shockwave in their heat, giving the robot an interesting variety of designs to come up against. Shockwave was very much as pushing and lifting robot, TAN was a grab and drag robot and Disconstructor was a tear them to pieces kind of robot. Obviously more concerned with the disc of Disconstructor, Thor elected to go with a metal plate on the front of the robot, in order to deflect some of the blows.

Thor started the heat rather tentatively, waiting for someone to come along rather than chasing them down themselves. And when a robot finally did cross paths- that of TAN- Thor missed with the axe completely. The one thing it did show, however, was Thor’s immense power, because that axe strike ended up turning Thor over by itself. Fortunately, they could self-right. Not content with that, they went straight back for TAN, but the Dutch robot managed to grasp hold of them. What transpired next was something of a backwards and forwards pushing and shoving competition, with Thor mainly winning thanks to better overall power and traction. Still, they couldn’t do any damage, because whenever the axe was fired, it came down in the middle parting of Tough As Nails!

Shockwave, with nothing to do after pitting Disconstructor, decided then that it wanted to get involved, putting Thor into something of a robot sandwich. In fact, eventually, Thor ended up riding on top of Shockwave- that did allow them to finally bring the axe down on TAN though.

Piggy back ride.png
Piggyback ride


Thor and TAN continued to grapple, but Thor could not get a hit with the axe. That was until Thor managed to ride TAN up one of the arena side wall, and then things changed. The axe came down several times, battering TAN so hard that the removable link came out. Game, set and match.

So, onto the H2Hs. Thor would have to face Shockwave, M.R Speed Squared and Foxic on their way to a potential heat final. Not the worst set of fights to go through. First up was full body spinner M.R Speed Squared, which meant Thor would keep the anti-spinner panel on the front of the robot.

As the battle started, Thor attempted to rush MRS^2 in order to stop the blade getting up to speed. They failed on the first attempt, but next time around the anti-spinner panel did its job, deflecting the blow. Now Thor could get in underneath MRS^2 and begin to push them around. No use of the axe just yet, however.
MRS^2 was a slippery customer, however, making it hard for Thor to keep underneath them for any long period of time. Still, Thor were 
on top, and eventually got their opponents into Dead Metal’s CPZ, where they were roasted on the flame pit for a little while. It was at this point that the axe finally came into play, with Thor managing to land a couple of blows, denting the armour.

MRS^2 attempted to get away, but Thor were too quick, and got straight back on the attack, getting underneath and driving their opponents into the arena side wall a couple of times, looking to turn them over. Eventually MRS^2 found themselves back in the clutches of Dead Metal, and when Thor struck this time, they put a hole in the armour.

Hammer time.png
Hammer time


In trying to continue pushing MRS^2 across the arena, Thor then found themselves on the floor flipper, and flipped over, though so had MRS^2. Now Thor had even more of an advantage, they began to unleash an assault on the exposed underside- though not before Shunt had attempted to strike Thor. After landing a few hits, MRS^2 ended up driving themselves into the pit. 3 points to Thor.

Next up for Thor was a rematch with Shockwave. Shockwave, however, had this time decided to change up the scoop, going for what was essentially half a gas pipe, in the hope it would deflect Thor’s hammer. Thor, in return, had swapped the metal plate out for two little wedgelets, to try and get underneath Shockwave.

And so, as the battle began, that seemed much the case. With Shockwave holding the scoop up to potentially deflect incoming axe blows, Thor could quite easily get in underneath them. It was a mighty struggle to see who could drive who, but despite Shockwave’s higher top speed, Thor seemed to have more purchase on the arena floor, so turned into the aggressor, pushing them into Dead Metal a couple of times in the opening seconds. One of the hits was so hard that Shockwave even turned over. Thor definitely on top.

And soon Thor would prove its total dominance. Having finally escaped the clutches of Dead Metal, Shockwave retreated to the other end of the arena. Thor came back at them, striking down with the axe and tearing one whole section of their scoop clean off.

Someone report a gas leak? Because I think a pipe just burst.


Thor took that as a sign that they could finish Shockwave off, and upped the assault. Pushing Shockwave into both Matilda’s flywheel and Dead Metal’s claws, they also landed a few axe blows. Soon another piece of the gas pipe had come off. Next one of Thor’s blows bent the actual frame of the scoop. But Shockwave was still moving.
And Shockwave would have a little bit of revenge. As Thor attempted to get them over to Matilda, Shockwave turned the tables and send Thor into Matilda’s flywheel, tearing a panel off 
the robot. Shockwave did however also lose the final part of the gas pipe.



In the end, the fight went the full 3 minutes. And so we had a judges’ decision…. Which quite rightly went to Thor. 5 points and counting.

Finally, for the H2Hs, Thor met an already eliminated Foxic. A Foxic that claimed it was going to cut Thor’s axe off. It didn’t.
The battle started with Foxic’s scoop pointing upwards, a countermeasure like Shockwave’s raised gas pipe scoop against the power of the axe. So Thor, in return, didn’t use the axe at all in the early exchanges, instead attempting to get underneath Foxic. But Foxic, though fairly useless, still had the initial momentum in the push and shove contest that both robots were undertaking, pushing Thor into the pit release mechanism. But Thor bit back, sending Foxic into the saw blade of Dead Metal. Close contest so far.

Thor are now the robot on top, actually getting underneath far enough to lift Foxic’s front two wheels off the ground. With less driving power, Thor can push them all over the floor, though there isn’t much damage being done anywhere from either side. Eventually though Thor do bring down the axe, and then shove Foxic off to Dead Metal. Foxic then promptly died.



Cue 3 more points for Thor and a place in the week 2 final.

And that final would be against Shockwave, a robot they have already defeated in the H2Hs.  But this time Shockwave had changed weapons back to the metal, straight lined scoop they had used in the first battle. So this time, when Thor drove at them, they went straight up the scoop. Now Shockwave had control, pushing Thor hard into one of the arena side walls. And in that attack, something obviously broke, because Thor was finished.

Just like that, after all that hard work, Thor was done. It was a simple task for Shockwave to then manoeuvre Thor down into the pit, despite their wild, axe swinging attempts to stop it.

The end of Thor.png
The end of Thor


So how did Thor do? Well they did very well, dominating up to the final round. They eventually battered TAN into submission in round 1, before putting holes into MRS^2, taking apart Shockwave’s scoop with ease and taking care of Foxic. It was such a shame to see it all unravel thanks to one strike by Shockwave in the final. But that’s how these things go sometimes; It was still a mightily impressive robot.

Robot Rating (Thor): 8/10


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