Robot Review: Foxic (S08E02)

Ah, Foxic. They were shite. They were great fun, but they were shite. Somehow they managed to get into the second round by, erm, I’m not actually sure. But, once there, they managed to well and truly immortalise themselves as fairly hopeless. That, and for some reason they spent their entire time trying to pick a fight with Dead Metal.
The robot itself actually looks quite nice (And had a nice paint scheme). A low to the ground wedge with a *powerful* lifter stroke flipper, Foxic could possibly have done quite well. The only problem is the fact that it spent basically its entire time in the arena not working properly.

I’m going to try to keep this short because the thought of writing what is essentially an essay on Foxic makes me feel ever so slightly sick. That and the fact I have football to watch.
So the other robots in Foxic’s heat were Chimera, M.R Speed Squared and Draven. On paper, it could be a tough heat; Ignoring Chimera because they posed as much threat as a banana, Draven had the potential to grab hold of and push Foxic around, whilst M.R Speed Squared’s spinning disc looked rather deadly.

And so the battle began. Well, the battle began for us- it took Foxic 5 seconds and Draven driving on top of them to get them moving. And then, once they did get going, they drove straight into a wall. I think Foxic may have been drunk.
Draven kept up its advances, trying to grasp onto Foxic (Who was a nice shape for Draven). The problem there was that Draven’s weapon wasn’t working either, so now it was a case of two half dead robots pushing and shoving each other for no particular reason.

Having sat in the corner of the arena for about half a minute, Foxic decided it should probably get out of there once M.R Speed Squared rolled around, along with what was left of Chimera. M.R Speed Squared then decided to go after Draven, which was good for Foxic- who were now just randomly driving up and down the side of the arena- because it meant they were going to survive to round 2. They survived literally because MRS^2 couldn’t be bothered with them. Doesn’t change the fact they did basically nothing; I don’t even have a screengrab of note to take from that fight.

Idk fire.png
Idk, fire?

So onto the head to heads. Foxic would face off against Shockwave, M.R Speed Squared and Thor. It wouldn’t win a single point. I don’t think anybody expected them to win a single point to be honest, but you never know.

So first up for Foxic was Shockwave, which meant it was going to be a push vs. push contest, seeing as the lifting mechanism on Foxic still didn’t really work. The fight actually started fairly well for the first few seconds, with Foxic managing to get underneath Shockwave. They didn’t do anything with that opportunity, but still. It was a start. Unfortunately, after that initial exchange, Shockwave gained the upper hand, activating the pit release mechanism and then pushing Foxic all the way over to Dead Metal’s CPZ.

But then the amazing happened. Foxic began to push Dead Metal across the arena. And they pushed them all the way across the arena.

Foxic v Dead Metal.png
“Someone get this damn robot off of me”- Dead Metal

That was as good as it was going to get. Dead Metal began to push back, and even got in a hit in with the sawblade. With Dead Metal finished taking revenge, Shockwave took over, pushing Foxic into the arena side wall so hard that it turned over (Very Storm 2esque). Foxic did manage to get off the wall, but straight into the waiting scoop of Shockwave, who put them straight down the pit. Ah.

Next up for Foxic was M.R Speed Squared. This battle is also known as the worst Robot Wars fight ever. 

I’m not even entirely sure what I can write for this part. Basically nothing happened. Both robots drove around a bit, occasionally hit each other to no effect (Neither robot had a much working weapon). That was about it. Foxic decided to go after Dead Metal yet again, this time getting stuck under the house robot’s claw whilst driving around. As before, Dead Metal did at least manage to get the saw down on Foxic, causing some nice cosmetic damage, but not much helping Foxic’s cause.

Foxic v Dead Metal rd2
Foxic vs. Dead Metal- Round 2

That’s it. That’s all I have to say. Foxic lost by the way, 2-1 on the judges’ decision. I actually think they probably should have won, because at least they had a go at the house robots, but it was such an awful match that I don’t really care.

So the final match was against Thor. Thor, with the axe, actually posed the biggest threat in the head to heads for Foxic in terms of weaponry. It didn’t matter too much, because Foxic at this point were already out. So maybe they could go out with a bang? 

Foxic started this match off by raising the scoop, obviously attempting to stop the axe blows. It didn’t really work, because Thor didn’t fire the axe- they simply pushed them around. Oh, and of course that means pushing them into Dead Metal’s CPZ

It all then rather turned into a pushing match. Mainly it was Thor pushing Foxic around the arena, but occasionally Foxic pushed back. Very occasionally. But definitely, for the most part, it was Thor dominating. They even got the axe down on Foxic at one point, finally. And then Thor pushed Foxic back into Dead Metal’s CPZ, and Foxic pretty much died. It just stopped, right over the flame pit. And the flame pit is not the best place to stop, because soon that meant Foxic was being roasted… And tortured by Dead Metal.

Dead Metal's revenge

So it was over for Foxic. But Matilda, just to make sure, decided to throw them down the pit anyway. Kind of sums up Foxic in this competition completely.

So, how did Foxic do overall? Well, to put it nicely, not very well. They fluked their way into the second round by doing pretty much nothing, then got annihilated by Shockwave and Thor. Not only that, but they made up half of the worst Robot Wars fight ever…
However, the one good point they do have to their name is the constant feud with Dead Metal. Now that was entertaining, especially when they pushed them across the arena. But that’s the only thing they did.

Robot Rating (Foxic): 2.5/10


4 thoughts on “Robot Review: Foxic (S08E02)

    1. I have! I like the new angled design. Hopefully it actually works!

      I actually quite liked how the earlier version of Foxic looked too, it was just rather pathetic when it came down to actually fighting. But hey, at least it wasn’t Chimera…


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