Robot Review: Tough As Nails (S08E02)

Ah, Tough As Nails. I had such high hopes for this robot- such high hopes I backed it to win the heat altogether. In the end, the failed to make it past the first heat. Ah.
The only competitors not to come from the UK (TAN is a Dutch robot), Tough As Nails is basically one giant pincer. It really is. It’s like a 3D U shape of death, with the sole purpose of catching another robot and crushing them, and/or driving them around and dumping them in the pit. That’s the principle anyway.

Tough As Nails was put in the first heat of round 1, facing off against Disconstructor, Thor and eventual winners of week 2, Shockwave. It seemed like a fairly nice heat, with robots such as Thor and Shockwave quite nicely shaped to grab hold of and push around. They would need to rely on the pit or the house robots though, because the weapon didn’t possess the kind of power that would naturally immobilise anybody. But you never know, so you?

The battle itself started very well for TAN. Immediately they went on the attack, nicely deflecting a blow from Disconstructor. The robot isn’t called ‘Tough As Nails’ for nothing, it really is that solid. Still, a good start. They weren’t done with Disconstructor, however- after deflecting a blow from Thor, which left Thor flailing around on its ass- they went back after Disconstructor, hitting the disc with enough force that DSCNSTRCTR (Idk, I quite like stylising them like that for some reason) were flung all the way into Shunt’s CPZ. We all know what happened to Disconstructor after that.

With DSCNSTRCTR taken care of, TAN set its sights on Thor, managing to grab hold quite well. That started a back and forth across the arena, with TAN and Thor taking turns to push each other around. The one advantage TAN did have, however, as the lack of robot in the centre meant Thor couldn’t land any blows. The axe just went straight through the middle and hit thin air.

TAN grab.png
“I grab” ft a dead Disconstructor

Shockwave, with nothing better to do, then decided to get involved themselves, pushing Thor out of the grasp on Tough As Nails, and into their own, causing Thor to ride on top of them.

Robot Threesome
Robot Threesome

Once Thor rolled off, that left TAN grappling with Shockwave for a little while, but soon they were back onto their favourite rivals, something that may have been to do with Shockwave’s 20mph top speed. Thor were not going easy, but still couldn’t land any of the axe blows, not even when Shockwave came in to help again. No, it was only when Thor managed to drive TAN up the arena side wall that they finally managed to close the gap enough to rain down the blows.

And, in the end, that was it for Tough As Nails. The problem they had was that the removable link fell out, most likely thanks to Thor tenderising them. And if your link is out, your robot is finished.

So, how did they do? Well, evidently not as good as I expected. They dealt with Disconstructor easily, and in the process showed what a solid build they had. But despite grappling with both other robots well, they did not have the power to dominate them, and in the end it was Thor and Shockwave mainly pushing them around. If the link hadn’t have fallen out, and it went to the judges, do I think they would have got through? Probably not. But they weren’t by any means outclassed, to their credit.

Robot Rating (Tough As Nails): 4/10


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