Robot Wars S08E04 Part 3: Lift Off

2 more head to heads to go, and then the week 4 finale! Apollo are already guaranteed to have a place in that final, whilst Eruption are already out of contention. That just leaves Storm 2 and PP3D with the chance to battle it out for the last of the week 4 finale places- literally. As in, they’re fighting each other in their final head to head.

Head to Head 5: Eruption v Apollo

Before this head to head begins, we see the rather extensive damage H2H 4 had imparted to both Eruption and PP3D, to the point where PP3D had to actually buy a motor from Sabertooth because theirs was utterly destroyed. All’s fair in love and Robot Wars. We then get a lovely little segment between Dara and Dr Lucy Rogers, one of the judges, as per usual. The only good thing to come out of that was the interruption that came from Chompalot banging on stuff with a hammer.

So, onto the actual head to head. It’s a bit of a dud heat this match, with both robots having assured their future. That is, Apollo know they’re already through, Eruption know they’re already out. So this is a bit of a fun matchup and a battle of the flippers, though Apollo would be hoping that not too much damage would be caused, especially with the final in mind.

Dead Metal (out for revenge) and Sir Killalot are your house robots, and we’re ready to begin. Eruption are sporting a few changes to their previous battles, with no claw and no red side panels. Of course, one of the side panels had been torn off by PP3D in the other match, but now they were both off, and Eruption was back to how it usually looked in the live shows. With both robots on two wheels, this meant that both robots could get under one another, and it would be a very exciting match.

And so they began, rushing towards one another. Apollo seemed to get in underneath Eruption first, but missed the flip, sending themselves onto their ass. This gave Eruption the opportunity to get underneath themselves, but without much success. Sure, they got in underneath fine, but Apollo wouldn’t stay on there, or stay still long enough for Eruption to get a flip away that would have landed. Maybe ditching the claw for this fight wasn’t such a good idea after all. In the end they still tried to get a flip away, but like Apollo’s before it, completely missed. Not the best start for either robot then.

But then, finally, Eruption did get a flip in. It didn’t send Apollo particularly far, but it did send them flying, and that was more than Eruption had done in most of the head to heads so far. Progress, just a little bit too late. But Apollo, a little slow to react, was vulnerable once again, and Eruption made sure it took advantage, pinning the robot to the side wall before flipping them over. Of course, both robots ended upside down, which seemed to be a theme of that battle. Thank god flippers act as srimechs, eh?

Out of context.png
If you take this out of context, it kinda looks like Apollo is driving along the wall

Apollo then enacted its revenge, getting themselves underneath Eruption, just about making contact with the flipper, enough to make Eruption pirouette on the front point of the flipper. If I had my way, we’d bring back the style category and give the match to Eruption just for that.

Apollo and Eruption- ballerinas

Apollo, however, did not look healthy. It was moving sluggishly, and not responding well to the threat of Eruption, and under fire. Another flip from Eruption sent Apollo almost crashing into Dead Metal, though they did just about get away before Dead Metal could enact sweet revenge for H2H 3.

No, wait, they’re dead. Yep, definitely dead. The flipper is jammed open, the robot isn’t moving. Apollo are finished. Eruption have their first points of the night, and manage to get a couple more flips in before the end, the final one of which caused Apollo to actually land on top of Dead Metal. Life’s a bitch if you’re a space hedgehog.

Head to Head 6: PP3D v Storm 2 


It’s the battle I was most looking forward to in the entire episode, between Gary Cairns’ PP3D and Ed Hoppitt’s Storm 2. It’s not quite a rematch between Typhoon 2 and Storm 2, which I would have given you my life savings to watch, but it is still Storm 2 vs. a powerful spinning disc robot controlled by Gary Cairns, which is close enough. Not only that, but whoever won this fight, regardless of whether it was by knockout or by judges’ decision, would go on to face Apollo in the week 4 finale. So that just made it even more of an important match, and even more of a spectacle.

Storm 2’s plan, which Ed tells us in the pits, is to use the 4 bar lifting arm to turn PP3D over, because then the spinning disc is too tall to actually make contact with Storm 2. Interesting….

Your house robots are Sir Killalot and Shunt, probably because Dead Metal is far too unhappy to go out there and fight, whilst Matilda is still having her arse put back together after H2H 3. I never, ever thought I would say that sentence out loud.
The battle starts in a rush, with PP3D instantly bouncing the disk of Storm 2’s titanium armour. They keep coming at each other, with Storm 2 absorbing PP3D’s hits very well, even sending the other robot flying into the air with each hit. There was something wrong with PP3D too- the disc was making an awful noise, almost as if it was scraping against something on the robot or on the floor (It turned out to be the chassis the disc was scraping against). Not a good sign.

Storm 2 was now beginning to gain the upper hand, getting underneath PP3D and stopping the spinner from making any real contact. They even managed to push PP3D all the way into Shunt’s SPZ, where the bulldozer robot from hell almost brought down the axe on PP3D, but they just about escaped. Not before tearing a nice gash into the side of Storm 2 first, and buckling Shunt’s scoop! Not a great episode to be in if you’re a house robot, it has to be said..

Sparks Storm 2 v PP3D.png
Lost in a shower of sparks

The battle did continue though, with PP3D causing yet more damage, but not exactly getting anywhere with it. One of the hits, however, did manage to fling Storm 2 onto the arena spikes, where they got a little stuck. Score one for Gary Cairns. 

And then score the match for Ed, Tim, Meral and Storm 2. After getting themselves off of the spikes, Storm 2 managed to get in underneath PP3D, pushing them over to the pit, where they got, erm, stuck. Cue Ed Hoppitt manically telling Tim to open up the pit, and PP3D went straight down, followed by wild celebrations. It was amazing tactics from the Storm boys in that position, especially after the damage that had been caused. Still, something had to have been not right with PP3D for them to get stuck there, rolling around in a circle before the pit went down.

So there we go, Storm 2 join Apollo on 5 points and are into the final. Eruption finish 3rd with 3 points and PP3D are bottom with just 2. Though that does make week 4 the first week where the 4th placed robot did not finish on zero (Nuts, Foxic and King B Remix all finished on zero points)

Week 4 Finale: Storm 2 v Apollo

So here we go, the matchup to end the heat. Apollo were victorious the last time they met Storm 2, but the Storm boys had form going into the final, having taken out PP3D in the previous match. What would win out, Apollo’s immense flipper? Or Storm 2’s immense pushing power?
Your house robots, for the final time tonight, are Shunt and Matilda.

The battle started with both robots really going for it, but initially it looked like Storm 2 on top. They were getting underneath Apollo, not giving them the chance to get that flipper working. For the most part, however, Apollo was managing to manoeuvre away from Storm 2, not allowing them to utilise their dominance. That was, however, until Storm 2 got them right on top, then reversed half way across the arena to put them straight into Shunt’s CPZ. With Apollo cornered by Shunt, there was only one thing they were going to do…


I hate my job.png
“I hate my job”- Shunt, 2K16

Storm 2 meanwhile have activated the pit release button, because that very almost worked well for them last time. So what’s the harm in trying again? They’re still very much on top, pushing Apollo around. Although this time they don’t manage to get them near the pit, they do manage to pin them up against the arena side wall next to the pit release button, whilst the still immobilised Shunt watches on.

But then Apollo get there first flip in. A crucial, crucial flip that puts Storm 2 the wrong way up, making them even more vulnerable to Apollo’s flipper now. For all their dominance, they’re now the ones being hunted. 

Right way up overrated
Because being the right way up is overrated

Apollo gets another flip in, this one putting Storm 2 back the right way up. Matilda, who’s had enough of everybody’s shit, comes in to intervene, bulldozing her way into the scrap between Storm 2 and Apollo. It’s probably more helpful for Storm 2, because Matilda’s interference causes Apollo to miss a flip. So they both get out of there, leaving Matilda to come in and flip Shunt back onto his wheels! Aw, such lovely house robot camaraderie.

But we don’t care about the house robots! No! Because there’s a fight going on, and Apollo is once again on the attack, getting under Storm to and flipping them up against the arena sidewall. It’s an impossible situation for Storm 2 because they’re stood up, and so have nothing to gain purchase on with their wheels. Apollo come in again, and BOOM! Storm 2 are out of the arena! Gone! 

And Apollo are rolling through to the week 6 finale!

Passing Storm.png
A passing Storm (2)

So there we have it. There’s just one more week to go before we have all 5 heat winners for the week 6 grand final. Not to mention the wildcard entrant. So who will be joining Carbide, Shockwave, TR2 and Apollo? Find out next week. And if next week if anything like this week, then it is going to be immense!

Also sorry for the ridiculous number of pictures in this article. The episode was just too good not to have all of them in there.

Until then,





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