Robot Review: Draven (S08E02)

I was out pretty much all of yesterday, hence no article. But fear not, I’m going to make up for it by publishing two today instead. Maybe even three. Idk, we’ll see how much I can actually be bothered.
Anyway, last time out you saw Disconstructor get the worst rating in this series yet with a 1.5/10. I can promise you, it gets worse. Much worse. Week 2 was not a good week for robots, at least in terms of my ratings. Quite honestly, there are only 2 robots from week 2 that got a rating higher than a 4/10. I think you could probably guess which robots they are, but for the avoidance of doubt, it’s Thor and Shockwave. Everyone else was shite.

This article’s robot is Draven, a crusher cross pincer robot that looks a bit like what would happen if you squashed Razer and then mixed it with Dead Metal. I’m talking about the eyes. Those weird glowing eyes.
Draven is not a new robot. It had appeared in the Wild Card Warriors in Extreme 1, where it lost its first match to King B Powerworks. I think that makes Draven the least anticipated returning robot of the entire series… Then again, Disconstructor. See what I mean about week 2 not being the best week for robots? It could probably be renamed ‘Heat of returning robots nobody actually wanted to see again’.

Draven was up in the second heat of week 2, facing Chimera, Foxic and M.R Speed Squared. It was a heat that Draven perhaps could have got through- Foxic was a nice shape for them to clamp down on, and Chimera was doomed from the outset with those giant exposed wheels and a spinning disc in the arena.
Once the battle started, Draven went straight on the attack, heading for Foxic. Unfortunately, they just ended up driving straight over them. Useful. But they continued the attack on Foxic, attempting to get a grasp of them so that they could bring the crushing beak down… Except they never did that. Even when they got behind Foxic, the beak simply never seemed to work. In essence, Draven was now just a box on wheels.

Draven then switched up the attack to go for the limping Chimera, with just as minimal effect. Then M.R Speed Squared tore one of Chimera’s wheels off and Draven’s pursuit of that particular robot was over. And with Chimera gone, M.R Speed Squared decided next to go after Draven. With the full body spinner, MRS^2’s first attack tore a large part of the carbon fibre outer layer off the corner of Draven, sending them spinning across the arena floor. Draven attempted to run away, but just ended up running into Foxic. As it turned out, getting caught on Foxic was the end of them, because it left them completely open for M.R Speed Squared to come in and tear another chunk out of them, immobilising them. Goodbye Draven.

Under attack.png
Under attack

So how did Draven do? Well they managed to drive around seemingly OK enough, they were aggressive initially against Foxic and Chimera, and they had a cool paint job. But the weapon didn’t work, which made them entirely useless against everyone else. Add in the fact their outer armour was about as strong as tissue paper, and you could see why they would be eliminated fairly quickly. The only thing in their favour that I would say is that Foxic were even more useless than they were, but got through by virtue of being the lucky robot M.R Speed Squared didn’t target at all in that fight.

Robot Rating (Draven): 3/10


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