Robot Reveiw: Disconstructor (S08E02)

I’ve finally started the robot reviews for the week 2 robots! It’s a miracle I know, but fortunately this article’s unlucky robot (Disconstructor), didn’t last very long, so I won’t have that much to write about them. It was a rather unfortunate fight for Disconstructor, because they ended up doing pretty much nothing the entire battle before ending up in the pit. In essence, they were week 2’s version of Bonk. That’s not a good thing.

Disconstructor had the potential to be good. It had a rather large 20 kilo spinning disc, which was angled downwards to try and shred other robots’ tyres and whatever else it could find low down. Unfortunately, it just ended up looking like a crap, albeit more powerful, Hypno-Disc. It was basically a box with a disc attached to it. But there have been weirder contraptions in Robot Wars that have also been *vaguely* successful. I mean, does anybody remember Destruct-A-Bubble? That actually won a match in the 5th wars, despite being utterly hopeless. It was only because Axe-C-Dent decided to self destruct, but that’s not the point. The point is that it is possible to be awful and still qualify.

They didn’t qualify. Not even close.

The heat itself consisted of themselves, Thor, Shockwave and Tough As Nails. Not the easiest heat, but still a possibility to do some damage.
Straight away, Disconstructor attempted to reverse out of the way of everyone, but couldn’t stop TAN charging them, then bouncing off the disc with no harm done. Disconstructor ran away, but TAN were not done with them. They charged again, gaining enough speed that the next hit flung Disconstructor all the way into Shunt’s CPZ. Shunt, rather unhappy at this development, pushed Disconstructor away and onto, as it turned out, the floor flipper.

The floor flipper that actually worked this time.

Disconstructor doomed.png
The beginning of the end for Disconstructor

There was no respite for them, however, because as soon as they landed, Shockwave picked them up and drove them across the arena floor, bouncing them off the arena side wall. With Disconstructor well and truly stunned, it was an easy task for Shockwave to then push them down the pit. There were are. Done. Game over. Bye bye Disconstructor.

It was not the most surprising of results, especially given who they were up against, but I still wasn’t expecting them to be *that* bad. The disc was fairly useless, be it against TAN or Shockwave, they took a trip on the floor flipper after pissing off Shunt and they ended up in the pit. At least their short time on the arena floor was action packed, even if they were 50 shades of useless. I said they was week 2’s Bonk, but it may even have been slightly worse than that.

Robot Rating (Disconstructor): 1.5/10


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