Robot Wars S08E03 Part 3: The Undefeated Warrior

So with just two of the head to head battles left to go, here’s how things stand. TR2 are leading on 6 points, Dantomkia and Big Nipper both have 3 points, and King B Remix have a grand total of zero, and are out of contention. TR2, meanwhile, are already guaranteed a place in the week 3 final. Top and bottom face off against each other in H2H 5, meaning that whoever wins out of H2H 6, Big Nipper or Dantomkia, will be joining them. No pressure then.

Head to Head 5: King B Remix v TR2

With King B working mainly as a pushing robot and TR2 as a flipping robot, this battle was unlikely to be decided on who could do the most physical damage, but rather who had the better tactics. Could King B push TR2 into the pit? Could TR2 flip King B into the house robots or even out of the arena? With nothing at stake for either robot except pride, it promised to be a no holds barred affair. I mean, what did any of them have to lose? Except maybe a few pieces of their robot.

Your house robots are Matilda and Sir Killalot 2.0 (Still no Shunt).
And instantly, TR2 are all over King B Remix, getting underneath he visible ground clearance, but not with enough purchase to get a viable flip in. Not yet. TR2 always seem to have a very consistent tactic, which is to get their opponent over to the arena sidewall before launching an attack on them. And that’s exactly what they did to King B, getting in underneath them with the flipper, then driving them all the way across the arena before flipping them over. Then they flipped them over again. And again. And again. There didn’t seem to be much King B could so to get away from the power of TR2, or launch an attack of their own.

Then Sir Killalot got involved. With another flip, TR2 sent King B right into Sir Killalot’s CPZ. Now Sir Killalot, for want of a better descriptor, has been utterly and totally bloody useless in the first two weeks of the 8th wars. Clumsy and top heavy, there hasn’t been much Killalot has been able to do, or do it very well for that matter. But now, for the first time, we see him really go for it. King B is the perfect shape for Killalot to grab hold of and twirl around with, stopping only to drop the hapless robot into the flame pit.

King B Fire
In the midst of the fire

Unfortunately, Killalot’s involvement seems to have finished King B off completely. After being let go, they struggle to show any forward movement, even when helped along by Killalot, and it is not a struggle for TR2 to finish them off by flipping them into the pit. Literally.
And that knockout victory leaves TR2 on 9 points, a perfect score from the head to heads, making them the first robot to get a perfect 9/9 in the new series of Robot Wars. Bravo.

Head to Head 6: Dantomkia v Big Nipper

First of all, shout out to Shane Swan from Dantomkia who I now know reads these. It’s always interesting to find out who actually reads this blog!
Anyway, this battle was the big battle of the head to heads, and to finish it off too. Dantomkia and Big Nipper, both sat on 3 points, joint second place. Whoever wins, be it by knockout of judges decision, would go through to face TR2 in the final- a robot they have both lost to so far, so revenge would be on the cards.

Big Nipper, having turned King B into snowflakes last time out decided to stick to the vertical spinning disc weapon. It may also have been because the lifting/grabbing claws were ineffective against the other flipper type robot, TR2, but either way, the vertical spinner stays.
Dantomkia? Well they’re Dantomkia. You know what they’re going to try and do.

Dead Metal, having actually had a break from house robot duties in the last round (First time in what feels like 3 years), is joined by Sir Killalot. I honestly think someone should put a missing robot report out on Shunt, because I’m pretty sure he has now straight up disappeared.
Almost straight away, Dantomkia is on the attack, trying to get in underneath Big Nipper so that it won’t be affected by the spinning disc. And it works, almost straight away, with DTK getting the flip in. It doesn’t matter too much for Big Nipper, who are invertible, but they can’t get any purchase in the fight. Dantomkia come again, flipping Big Nipper and forcing them into Sir Killalot’s CPZ. This time Killalot turns out not to be very useful at all, doing what is essentially one big circle as Big Nipper gives him the slip.

At least, they were giving him the slip, until they drove into the wall. Now they’re cornered and Killalot can come in, take his time. For all the power the spinning disc has, it also serves as a very nice protruding point for Killalot to come in and grasp. From then, it’s a case of hold them up for a bit, twirl around and let them go. I think Big Nipper were rather grateful of that.
Dantomkia, who had been waiting patiently, come back in for an attack, but Big Nipper are more wary now. They’re trying to get in behind DTK to try and cause damage with the weapon. They don’t manage it though, not before DTK can get back onto them. With superior pushing power, Dantomkia manage to send Big Nipper back towards Sir Killalot. Now Big Nipper have spent a lot of this fight in Sir Killalot’s CPZ, making it the world’s weirdest robotic love affair since Diotor and Sgt. Bash. Or Jonathan Pearce and Matilda for that matter, now that I think about it.

And then comes the best moment of the fight. With Big Nipper once again cornered, Killalot attempts to come in and snatch them up once again, but in the process manages to quite literally jam his lance into the arena sidewall, and get it stuck in the hole. There is probably a sexual innuendo in there somewhere now I think about it.

Killalot, a bit… Stuck

Meanwhile, Dantomkia continue the assault, getting a very good flip in one Big Nipper that tossed them higher than the arena side barrier (Hence the featured picture of this article). But Big Nipper are not going to go without a fight. With Dantomkia once again on the attack, Big Nipper spun up the disc to maximum. The resulting collision sent both robots in opposite directions across the arena, along with a few shards of Dantomkia.

In the end, the battle went on for the full 3 minutes, meaning out first judges’ decision of the entire episode! And the winner is… *Insert dramatic drum roll here*
Which means that they’re going through to face off against the might of the undefeated TR2, in what promised to be an incredible battle of the flippers.

Week 3 finale: TR2 v Dantomkia

Dara introduces this fight as ‘hot flipper on flipper action’, which is both true and possibly yet another innuendo. It really is looking to be a good fight though, something we see from the little episode recap before the big event. Both TR2 and Dantomkia have been dominant against other robots, taking apart the likes of Overdozer, Supernova, King B Remix and Big Nipper in the process of getting this far. This time around, for the first time, we have a heat final where neither robot fought each other in the initial 4 way melees, unlike Carbide v Behemoth from week one or Shockwave v Thor from week 2. I don’t think that makes too much of a difference, but what it does mean is each robot has only fought each other once before the final. Something new.

With Killalot still recovering from getting his lance stuck in the wall, and Shunt completely AWOL, we had Dead Metal and Matilda in the arena for the house robots.
It was a tentative start by both robots. With the knowledge that each one could be dangerous if they got in underneath, it was turning into a game of cat and mouse. TR2 did occasionally get the scoop in under Dantomkia, but could never keep it under there for long enough to get a flip away. DTK was just too slippery, at least initially.
TR2 them brought in a bit of gymnastics, driving over the floor flipper, getting flipped into the air and somersaulting back onto its wheels. If there was still a style category in the judges’ criteria (Curse you Mentorn for ditching the style category. Grrr), then I’m fairly sure TR2 would max it out. Dantomkia then straight away followed it up with a flipper attack of their own, forcing TR2 towards Matilda, though they did eventually manage to get away.

Matilda, however, was not about to get out of the action any time soon. With DTK and TR2 still squabbling, DTK came very close to getting hit with Matilda’s flywheel. Cue more dog fighting, and this time the flywheel did just about seem to make contact with Dantomkia, but they got away- only as far as TR2. This time TR2 did manage to get underneath properly, driving over to the arena sidewall and flipping Dantomkia up against it. With the robot now sitting up on its arse, Dantomkia had no option but to expel CO2 by firing the flipper pushing them off. But, of course, Matilda got involved again (Bet Dead Metal is cursing that he didn’t have that CPZ). Between TR2’s flipper and Matilda’s tusks, it almost looked as if Dantomkia were never going to get out of the CPZ.

But they did. Not that it mattered for much longer.

As TR2 came on the attack again, it was clear Dantomkia was on the ropes. And with one final flip, TR2 sent Dantomkia onto the floor flipper, which then launched the robot up into the air, and onto its roof. With no pressure left in the flipper, there was no way Dantomkia could self right. 

Revenge of the floor flipper.png
Revenge of the floor flipper

Still, it didn’t stop TR2 attempting to get them out of the arena. They failed, but it was worth an effort.
And so TR2 become the third robot after Carbide and Shockwave to qualify for the week 6 finale, and the first flipper robot to do so. 
Fear not, however, because week 4 looks just as good, with a whole host of differing designs. There are more flippers in the form of Apollo and former UK Champion Eruption, along with World Champion and series 7 runners up (And my favourite robot), Storm 2. There is also Sabertooth, Terror Turtle, Sweeney Todd, Kan-Opener and a very ferocious looking spinner in PP3D.

All in all, the heats look set to keep getting better and better.

So, until next time,



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