Robot Review: Carbide (S08E01)

Carbide is a case of getting one over the Americans. I say that because Carbide never found itself having its tyres eviscerated by Bombshell’s adjustable horizontal spinner like sister robot Cobalt. Infact, Carbide’s tyres were never troubled at all in week 1. Cobalt on the other hand managed to detonate its weapon’s drive motor in the first round of Battlebots, a match it won mainly because Overhaul got a set screw jammed into its drivetrain, meaning it could only go round in circles. Cobalt then went on to face Bombshell, who basically tore it apart. There was literally nothing left of the tyres by the end of it.

Smoked Cobalt
Smoked Cobalt

Carbide was not without its own weapon drive motor related problems. They had problems throughout the first round with the weapon, which meant it only really worked at about 70% power. Fortunately they had John Reid on hand to help them fix it, something that helped them get all the way through the first week.
I think it’s no secret that I love the concept of Carbide and its incredible bar spinner. The robot is like Hypno-Disc on crack, with far more power and a beefed up armour setup. It was a force to be reckoned with in week 1, and will most certainly in week 6 too. The only problem would be if they start to have mechanical issues again, because that’s the major thing that would stop them.

The first heat pitted Carbide up against Behemoth, Bonk and The General. The major thing to note from that is that The General has exposed wheels, something Carbide’s bar spinner would love to get into- and, as it turned out, did.
The start of the battle saw the group of 4 split off into more of a pairs match. Whilst Behemoth dealt with The General, Carbide had to deal with Bonk. Bonk wasn’t exactly doing much other than pushing Carbide round a bit, but it was obvious the blade wasn’t yet up to full capacity. That and Bonk is a rather solid, if useless, robot. Carbide them went for The General, but although they struck them, it didn’t do much in the way of damage. No problem.

The match progressed somewhat, but the best was yet to come. As The General and Bonk clashed, Carbide sensed an opportunity and came diving in with the blade, tearing one of the wheels of The General straight off. It was more of a blunt force impact than anything else because they wheel was generally still intact. It was just unattached.
Behemoth then made short work of Bonk, turning them turtle. Carbide of course couldn’t help but come in and tear a few chunks out of Bonk anyway, just for the shits and giggles. And because they’re destructive bastards, that’s why.

Onto the head to heads. We all know the trouble Carbide had fixing up the robot for the first head to head, which was against John Reid’s Terrorhurtz. Terrorhurtz were a very good robot, though they didn’t have the axe. They honestly didn’t really need it.
It was fairly evident after just the first hit that Terrorhurtz were not a robot to mess with. Whilst they seemed largely unaffected, Carbide was thrown into the air by its own assault, which ended in them landing on their roof. That would have been more of a problem in the axe had been working, I suppose. It’s still not particularly useful for trying to control the robot. Either way, Terrorhurtz were well on top now, pushing Carbide around without much in the way of reply. Sure, the blade did hit Terrorhurtz, on multiple occasions, but quite honestly Carbide seemed to do more damage to the arena than it did to Terrorhurtz. That’s more of a plus point to John Reid than a negative to Carbide, but still.

And then it was all over. Terrorhurtz pushed Carbide into Killalot 2.0’s CPZ, and something in Carbide must have broken, because it wasn’t moving any more. And, over the flame pit, it was getting rather toasted.

Funeral Pyre for Carbide
Funeral pyre for Carbide

It was a simple case for Terrorhurtz to then push Carbide around a bit, before dumping them down the pit. Not the best start… Still a long way to go.

The next fight was against the joker in the pack, Nuts. I mean we all know what happened to Nuts, and I talked through this fight a couple of days ago for their review. But I’ll do it again anyway, just incase nobody bothers with their review and just reads this one. That’s the problem with these things, they get very repetitive very quickly. But I’ll write them anyway because I want some kind of showing that I know what I’m on about.

Carbide, having once again fixed their robot, started brightly, tearing off one of Nuts’ chain links in their very first assault. It would certainly seem as if the weapon was now operating at 100%. The next blow practically obliterated one of the minibots. Not only that, but it also tore off the protective ring from Nuts’ main body. The one thing that could potentially have stopped Carbide, gone. So Carbide continued… Eventually, once they’d actually caught up to a hastily retreating Nuts. A few more hits and Nuts ended up being flung into the pit release button. I’d like to say Carbide fully intended to do that, because it would be an incredible piece of skill, but something tells me they just wanted to hit them.

Then, of course, the wheel came off. Actually, it didn’t really ‘come off’ so much as it was completely severed, then flung out of the arena completely. That was that for Nuts, but Carbide, just to top everything off, decided to go after the remaining minibot… And Shunt.

So onto the final battle in the head to heads, and this time they faced off against Behemoth, who were in their initial heat with them, though they did spend a great deal of that fight (i.e. basically all of it) avoiding each other, so this time was going to be different.
After the first couple of blows had come in, it almost looked as if it was threatening to be a repeat of the Terrorhurtz match, where Carbide could not cause enough damage to the opponent’s armour. Carbide simply seemed to bounce off Behemoth’s scoop.
However, things started to turn. No longer plagued by the mechanical issues, Carbide kept up the assaults on full power. Now bits were starting to fly off Behemoth, even if Carbide was the one getting the most air time.

The battle turned completely when, in one hit, Carbide tore a hole through the bucket scoop of Behemoth completely, breaking the final defence barrier. Stunned, Behemoth could only attempt to counter as Carbide’s next blow unhinged the bucket scoop completely.

Behemoth Unhinged
Behemoth: Unhinged

With no scoop, and therefore no self righting ability, it was a simple task for Carbide to push them into the pit, finishing the fight once and for all.
Except, now they had to do it all again, in the week 1 finale. Ah.

Behemoth came into the final having pretty much repaired the scoop, and the hinges, and the robot. Then Carbide came in for the first hit, and broke it all over again. Now not only was the bucket entirely battle scarred, but Carbide had also managed to fuck up their drive systems. So whilst Behemoth was going round and round in circles, Carbide was getting the hits in, causing even more damage.

Eventually Behemoth, despite almost catching Carbide with a hit of their own, realised that they were pretty much doomed. So, instead of take any more damage, they drove themselves into the pit. All that did really was shorten the fight, because Carbide was going to win either way. Carbide was a very deserving winner of week 1.

So, how did Carbide do? Well, they tore The General in half in the heats despite not running to full capacity, and had a go at Bonk too. Mechanical issues and a very good driver in John Reid plagued them in the first head to head, but they came back incredibly strongly to utterly annihilate Nuts, and then tear Behemoth a new one. Twice.
It can’t be a perfect score, obviously- The loss to Terrorhurtz sees to that- but it was a very, very good overall performance.

Robot Rating (Carbide): 8.5/10


2 thoughts on “Robot Review: Carbide (S08E01)

  1. Sorry I couldn’t concentrate on this review because all I could hear was “Carbide please marry me!” over and over again.


    1. I’m pretty sure at least one member of Team Carbide has read this review, where I simultaneously praised Carbide and trashed Cobalt. I don’t know whether they love me or hate me.


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