Robot Review: Terrorhurtz (S08E01)

I have a lot of writing projects on at the moment. Like, a lot. I’ve also starting watching RWBY, which is taking a fair bit of my time away. So I have a feeling these are going to end up getting very out of sequence. In essence, I’ll still be rating robots from Ep1 by the time Ep2 has finished and so on. Sue me (Please don’t).

This time we look at Terrorhurtz, a robot well versed in the art of Robotic combat. John Reid is a legend of the RW world, not only because of Terrorhurtz but because of his Battlebots hammerbot Beta, which is somewhat incredible (Especially the way it took apart Overhaul on Thursday). I’m personally hoping Beta can go quite far, but the fact its facing its first spinner in Nightmare next time around makes for an interesting battle. Nightmare isn’t a robot with a very bashable shape either. This isn’t a post about Beta, I need to stop.

So, Terrorhurtz. It’s first matchup was the 4-way with Razer, Nuts and Kill-E-Crank-E. For everybody expecting a grudge match between Terrorhurtz and Razer, unfortunately you’re going to have been disappointed, as Terrorhurtz went almost exclusively for Nuts, whilst Razer focused on K-E-C-E (Ultimately its downfall). For what it’s worth, I don’t believe Razer and Terrorhurtz should ever have been placed in the same week, let alone the same heat. But then what do I know? There’s no seeding system after all.

Terrorhurtz was the first robot of the new series to get the slow motion camera treatment, for its first attack on Nuts which missed wildly. Still, it showed just how powerful that axe could be. And so they went on and on at it, striking Nuts again and again. They weren’t exactly getting far, but the axe was certainly aggressive. It would have been enough to send them through on a judges’ decision. Luckily they didn’t even need that, because, well, Razer. So much for a grudge match.

Onto the little Robot Wars mini-league! They had their old friends Nuts in there with them, along with other heat winners Carbide and Behemoth.
First up was Carbide, a ferocious blade spinner. (You all know how much I like Carbide. I won’t go into it again). Carbide probably went in as favourites, but as the match unfolded, it was fairly clear that John Reid’s machine was more than capable of deflecting the blows from Carbide, resulting in some pretty spectacular flying action from the spinner bot. Infact, Carbide actually found itself spending the entirety of the fight upside down after the first blow. Terrorhurtz kept coming, making sure Carbide couldn’t spin up the weapon 100%, something Terrorhurtz did despite not having a working weapon of their own.
In the end, Carbide gave up on life after one too many hard blows (And a light toasting on the flame pit), and Terrorhurtz was left to push it down the pit. A scalp, but a very good performance from Terrorhurtz.

Next up was Behemoth, the bulldozer bot with a lifting scoop and self-righting arms. It is also a fairly tall robot, especially compared to Carbide. Not that it mattered in the end- safe to say Terrorhurtz’ axe still wasn’t working. That didn’t stop them for trying to charge Behemoth in much the same way that it had Carbide, getting the frontal wedge underneath the robot every time Behemoth misfired it’s scoop (Which was a few times to say the least).  It was actually looking fairly good for Terrorhurtz, even if Dead Metal did get ever so slightly involved, attempting to shower a few sparks off Terrorhurtz’ non-functional axe. Still, there was always the chance Behemoth could get back into it, and that’s exactly what happened. Getting the scoop in underneath Terrorhurtz, Behemoth turned them over. And unfortunately, with no working axe, Terrorhurtz were unable to self right.

Throw in Dead Metal nearly tearing apart one of the CO2 canisters right at the very end, and that was the fight over.

The final fight saw Terrorhurtz come up against Nuts, their foe from the first round. Nuts, who had just been put back together after an evisceration by Carbide. Terrorhurtz knew they had to win outright in the 3 minutes to go through to the heat final, thanks to that defeat by Behemoth. Anything else would see them going home.
Nuts, to their credit, had at least been put back together… Sort of. And for once, the Terrorhurtz axe was working! Now it just needed to get down to business, and set upon Nuts much like the heat. Unfortunately, whilst attempting the smash it into submission, Nut’s protective ring came off and jammed itself underneath Terrorhurtz wheelbase.


Terrorhurtz still went for it. They had to. At one point they even used Nuts’ old tactic against them, spinning round with the ring, but to no avail. After Shunt decided to get involved at one point, doing not very much at all, Terrorhurtz decided to go for the strategy of push Nuts down the pits. Unfortunately for them, it didn’t quite come off. Infact, Nuts just kept on running. Terrorhurtz couldn’t stop it.

In the end, it went to a judges’ decision. It was fairly obvious the judges were going to go for Terrorhurtz, but the 2 points for a judges’ decision was not enough to send it through. Terrorhurtz finished on 5 points and in 3rd place, losing out to Carbide and Behemoth.

So how did they do? Fairly well. They got through the heat with minimal effort. They had a very good victory against Carbide, and were dominating Behemoth until the point where they were turned over. They were also dominating Nuts, but the fact they couldn’t finish them off was ultimately their downfall. The fact their axe was intermittent at best was also a negative point to their run, but in the end they should still be fairly pleased. It was one hell of a tough week to go through.

Robot Rating (Terrorhurtz): 7/10


2 thoughts on “Robot Review: Terrorhurtz (S08E01)

  1. I was disappointed with Terrorhurtz. I was expecting a manic chopping and we got a limp tapping. Was gutted about the axe. Apart the the Carbide fight I didnt think it was very good


    1. I suppose times have moved on; Armour these days is much tougher and everything is usually shock mounted, making it harder to dislodge. Having no working axe was a negative, but I personally liked the control it showed whilst tackling opponents. I was very impressed with how it deflected and neutralised Carbide’s spinning bar, and I also feel like it was ontop of Behemoth before being turned over. With a working axe (Hence srimech), I feel Terrorhurtz would have at least won a judges decision. And if it had got to the week finale, I feel they would have stood a chance against Carbide.

      But that’s the beauty of having an opinion. Everybody sees things differently. Sure, I think they could have done better, but obviously you see their performance as worse than I did. And that’s perfectly fair.

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