Robot Review: Kill-E-Crank-E (S08E01)

Kill-E-Crank-E will be forever known on Robot Wars for 2 reasons. One, because it has one of the weirdest names I’ve come across in the new series (With only M.R Speed Squared coming close, though as a Physics student MRS^2 is a pretty cool name. It looks like one hell of a robot too, but the point of this post is not to debate a robot that’s appearing on Sunday, so I’ll move on).
The second reason K-E-C-E is never going to be forgotten is because it pulled former UK and World Champions Razer down into the pits. I suppose it would have meant more to the Scots if they had managed to get through, but alas they had to sacrifice themselves to take Razer with them. I would still take that if I were them, because their robot was about as useful in the arena as the steel drainpipe it was modelled on.

K-E-C-E came into Robot Wars as a weird combination of S3 and Pussycat. S3 of course was a formidable robot from the original series, built like Stinger but with some actual armour and a giant spinning disc that caused *some* havoc. The only problem with S3 was the fact it was susceptible to easily counterbalancing itself out of the arena. Yep. Pussycat I mainly remember for having their sawblade fly off in one battle.
K-E-C-E also come in with a spinning blade, though the blade itself is nowhere near as big as S3, and only runs at 450rpm. That’s pathetic. Carbide on the other hand has a spinning bar that runs at 2300rpm. But then Carbide’s weapon weighs 25kg. K-E-C-E? 8.5kg. I think I know whose weapon I would rather have.

Anyway, regardless of what I think, K-E-C-E still had a fight to participate in. A fight that contained Razer, Terrorhurtz and  Nuts. Realistically K-E-C-E would expect a tough time getting through the heats with Razer and Terrorhurtz in there too, but you never know in Robot Wars. Anything can (And usually does) happen.
The battle- first battle of the 8th wars- began as was expected: Razer and Terrorhurtz avoiding each other. K-E-C-E was pounced upon immediately by Razer, who attempted to get that crushing beak down into the steel drainpipe. Fortunately for K-E-C-E, their cylindrical design meant it was hard for Razer to get a grip at all. In the end, Razer had to settle for grasping onto the bot and dragging it around.

There was a brief moment where it looked as if Razer may have gotten the better of Kill-E-Crank-E, but the piercing beak ended up going in-between the housing for the weapon- a weapon that had so far one a grand total of sod all. Sensing they weren’t going to win outright, K-E-C-E went to activate the pit, and almost downed Nuts in the process, which would have been a bonus. As it was, the battle resumed normality- Razer went back after K-E-C-E, and decided to try and dump them down the pits themselves.

That of course turned out to be a mistake for the both of them.

Credit to the K-E-C-E boys, it takes some skilled driving to lure a robot like Razer towards the pit and then pull them down with you. Sure, it was a suicidal move, but K-E-C-E weren’t going to win anyway, were they? Might as well go out with a bang.

Overall? Well the weapon was shite, but the robot stood up well to Razer and if they were going to lose, they at least dragged them down too. I liked that. I didn’t like the robot though.

Robot Rating (Kill-E-Crank-E): 5/10


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