Robot Review: The General (S08E01)

Did you know, with a 17 year gap between appearances on Robot Wars, The General actually hold the record for longest time between its debut appearance and first appearance on the main show. It actually began life in the 3rd wars, where it entered the robot football competition. Fast forward 17 years, and here it is on Robot Wars making its actual first appearance in a battle scenario. There was an attempt to qualify for the 4th wars somewhere along the way, but that failed, so the record stands.

The General is an interesting robot. It basically looks like a giant tractor cross armoured truck, which I suppose is about right considering it was built from farmyard scrap. That and Haydn, the elder statesman on the team, used to build tractors. I’m shamelessly taking all of this from the Robot Wars website and the Robot Wars Wikia, so if you want to fact check, go ahead. Just don’t try to fact check my opinions, because you won’t get very far.

The General sported a couple of giant killsaws (Seriously, they were bigger than the bloody wheels), the kind you’re supposedly supposed to also see on Battlebots. I say supposedly because it’s so rare that they make an appearance, they may aswell not be there. At least the saws on The General worked, and looked pretty badass at the same time. The main problem with The General, however, was the fact it had exposed wheels. Exposed wheels may not have been so much of a problem had a certain robot named Carbide not been in the heat too.

Moving onto the battle, and The General actually started fairly aggressively. It wasted no time going at Behemoth with the giant saws, creating rather a lot of sparks in the process. It didn’t exactly do much in the way of damage, but it was good to see. Behemoth of course was having absolutely none of it and turned The General over a few times, just for effect. The General of course can run both ways up, one of the upsides to its massive exposed wheels. But when Carbide came in a few seconds later and threatened to show what it could do, the peril became all too clear. 

Fortunately, at this point, Carbide’s spinning bar wasn’t exactly up to speed. The General lived on, albeit with a few dents.

It seemed The General had decided at this point to continue attacking Behemoth. Another forward assault saw more sparks fly into the air, but also saw Behemoth fall on its ass. Sure, that was half to do with the Behemoth boys misfiring the scoop, but it was because they were attempting to attack The General. Cue a little bit of bouncing off other robots, and we’re back to normal.

And this is where it all went wrong. The General then went to attack Bonk, but in the process left themselves open to an assault by Carbide, which tore one of the wheels clean off. With only one wheel left, The General was basically finished. And, after a little toasting on the flame pit, it was out.

Still, it was a valiant effort. Other than the exposed tyres, there wasn’t much to fault The General on. The weapon worked, they were aggressive. They gave it a right good go against someone far more experienced (Behemoth). There have been worse robots make it through in the previous wars.

Robot Rating (The General): 6/10


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