Robot Review: Razer (S08E01)

First off, if anybody was listening to BBC Radio 5 Live when they had their Robot Wars segment a couple of hours ago, you will have had the privilege of hearing my wonderful voice. I was only on for a couple of minutes but had great fun nonetheless.

Anyway, here is the first instalment to a segment I’m calling ‘Robot Review’, where I rate how each robot that’s competed in the 8th wars has done compared to how they were expected to do. It’s a little bit of fun to bridge the time between episodes.

Of course, who else could I start with but Razer? A former UK and World Champion, many people had high hopes of Razer leading into the first week of the revival (I for one believed they could at least make it through to the week 1 finale). Despite the 12 year gap, there are still many people who see Razer as one of the most formidable robots around, and one everybody would like to avoid.

So who were they up against? Well for a start there was Terrorhurtz, another well known legend of the sport, and a formidable opponent at that. It was speculated early on in the fight that Razer and Terrorhurtz were trying to avoid each other, and that’s basically what happened. We also had Nuts, which was practically a box on wheels, and Kill-E-Crank-E, which was a drainpipe on wheels.
With Terrorhurtz going after Nuts, that left Razer to go after the Scots and Kill-E-Crank-E. Unfortunately for Razer, K-E-C-E’s cylindrical design made it hard for Ian Lewis and Simon Scott’s machine to fully get a grip, and so they had instead to rely on grasping and dragging the robot around instead. It was working, and after skewering one of Nuts’ minibots, it looked as if Razer would well be going through along with Terrorhurtz.

Well, we know how that ended up.

It sounded like a good plan, attempting to drive K-E-C-E into the pit. Unfortunately, it turned into revenge of the drainpipe, and K-E-C-E managed to drag Razer down with them. Cue much screaming on the internet, because god forbid Razer go out in the first round, right? It was certainly a shock, but that’s Robot Wars. Anybody can win.

Could they have gone far? Most certainly. Machines like Carbide and Terrorhurtz would have been easier to grapple hold of and crush (If they managed to avoid Carbide’s spinner, that is). I think they could have taken down Behemoth too, because they have the famous self righting wings to negate Behemoth’s bucket scoop. In the end, it’ll be the case of what could have been a dramatic comeback turning into a dramatic comeback for very different reasons.

Razer still showed their robot worked, and had the potential ability to go far. But the fact they went out in the first round will come as a massive disappointment to both them, and to us.

Robot Rating (Razer): 3/10



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